As with many sites such as ours we need to pay the bills. Whilst we review the latest slots to enter the India market every week we need to pay our contributors and keep the servers running and some times make a small profit to maintain our sites.

We believe it important that you understand how you are supporting us by using our site and more importantly how we make our money to keep us up and running and bring you the best casino sites in India.

Affiliates, What are they?

We supply traffic to partners that can deliver you the services you look for. We supply that traffic through tracking links that tell our partner that we sent that click to their website. If you choose to become of a customer of that partner we will receive a small finders fee. This way of earning revenue allows us to avoid lots of ads on site which we feel hurts the user experience.

The second reason is that we don’t accept monetary compensation for writing reviews. So, basically, the only way to keep our mission alive is through affiliates

We want you to get the best gaming experience possible. We cant you to play safely, know that the sites we send you to are trustworthy and that you know your limits. Play safely.