BetGames set to work with Technamin in new arrangement

A provider of live dealer services in the betting games studio space has confirmed that it has added its products to an iGaming provider platform. 

BetGames said that it had made the move with Technamin. 

The arrangement will see BetGames make a big push towards improving its international expansion goals. 

It is also set to see BetGames offer more than 5,700 casino games from more than 100 internet-based studios. 

In a statement to the press, the sales director for the Commonwealth of Independent States region at BetGames said that the company was pleased to have struck a deal with Technamin.

Yury Mikhaylov described the company’s new partner as “ambitious”. 

“We’re delighted to have reached an agreement with Technamin, a new and ambitious player in the igaming space,” he said. 

He added that he expected the agreement to end up proving itself to be “significant” as time goes on.

“Our agreement with Technamin will no doubt prove to be a significant one as it allows us to offer our popular products to players across different markets, a great move as we aim to continue our excellent 2021 momentum with multiple new launches throughout this year,” he explained.

Technamin, meanwhile, was only set up back in 2020. 

For that firm, the head of supplier relations said that the new arrangement would give the company the chance to experience top products. 

Samvel Mkrtumyan said that it was also the right time for the new arrangement to take place. 

“Our deal sees us gain one of the best product portfolios available and at the optimum time, especially given BetGames revamped and upgraded its studio last year with a whole new host of content,” he explained.

“Having BetGames’ renowned and highly immersive products on our platform is fantastic for us and our players,” he added.

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