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Reviewed: 01/04/2023
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1.1 These Terms and Conditions (as defined below) govern Your use of the website, the software, and the services (as the terms “website”; “software” and “services” are defined below). 1.2 Notwithstanding that these Terms and Conditions are translated into another language; the English language version shall prevail. 1.3 If You do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not continue using the website. Your continued use of the website is acceptance by You of these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions form a legal agreement between You and Us. You should print off a copy of these Terms and Conditions and keep them in a safe place. 1.4 These Terms and Conditions are subject to change as set out below. The terms “You”, “Your”, “Us”, “Our”, “We”, other words and phrases used in these Terms and Conditions are defined below. 1.5 These Terms and Conditions, Our Privacy Policy together with any individual game rules as may be so displayed on Our website at any time, constitute the entire agreement between You and Us regarding Your use of the website, the software and the services and supersede any other agreement (whether oral or written) between You and Us regarding Your use of the website, the software and the services. The rules and any promotional terms and conditions are subject, at all times, to these Terms and Conditions which will prevail in the event of conflict. 1.6 If there is any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any document incorporated by reference, these Terms and Conditions will prevail. 1.7 In these Terms and Conditions, references to the singular shall include references to the plural and vice versa and references to the masculine shall include references to the feminine and vice versa. Headings are for convenience only and shall not affect interpretation. Reference to statutes shall include such statute as amended or re-enacted, together with all secondary legislation made under the relevant statute. 2. DEFINITIONS 2.1 “Us”, “Our”, “We” means Welton Play Limited, a company incorporated in the Isle of Man with Registered Number 123348C having its Registered Office at First Floor, Bourne Concourse, Peel Street, Ramsey, Isle of Man, IM8 1JJ, together with TGP Europe Limited. TGP Europe Limited are a company incorporated in the Isle of Man with Registered Number 122698C having its Registered Office at 22A Castle Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 2EZ. The services of TGP Europe Limited and the activities of this website are licensed and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Gambling Commission as stipulated by the Remote Operating Licence number 38898 2.2 “Website Brand” means the commercial branding and other trademarks of Welton Play Limited. 2.3 “Restricted Jurisdiction”, for the purpose of this Brand, means territory in which it is legally prohibited to engage in any form of online gambling offered by independent service providers or where the Brand has not obtained a licence permitting such offering. Please see clauses 4.4, 4.21 – 4.24 for more information. 2.4 “You; Your” means You as the person using the Website. 2.5 “Player” means all users of the Website, as defined in Clause 2.11, including You, who use the Services and who have agreed to these Terms and Conditions. 2.6 “Services” mean the provision by Us of Gambling and Gambling products and services via the Website. 2.7 “Rules” means the rules for the different Gambling products and services provided by Us on the Website, as are set out on the Website and as may be amended by Us from time to time. For the avoidance of doubt, You should note that each product and/or service may have differing rules. 2.8 “Gambling” means any type of betting, gaming, and lottery. 2.9 “Software” means any and all software on the Website as defined in Clause 2.11 and including the Gambling Software. 2.10 “Gambling Software” means any software, licensed program, data file or other content installed on connection equipment, which enable You to visit, connect and join in the Services. 2.11 “Website” means which includes versions of our website viewed on mobile phones, tablets or other electronic devices. 2.12 “Services” mean the provision by Us of Gambling and Gambling products and services via the Website. 2.13 “Device' mean any application access devices, including but not limited to personal computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, personal digital assistants, PDA phones, smartphones hand-held devices employed for the use of and access to the Website and participation in the Services. 2.14 “Membership Registration” has the meaning set out in Clause 4.1 below. 2.15 “Your Account” has the meaning set out in Clause 4.11. 2.16 'Account limits' - an account limit shall mean the maximum deposit a Player may self-impose to restrict a level of their transactions aggregated together with any accumulated legitimate winnings and bonuses in the Player’s account from time to time and Clause 10.5 of these Terms and Conditions shall be construed accordingly. 2.17 “Bet” means any bet, wager or similar made by You and/or any other Player in relation to the Services. 2.18 “Legitimate Winnings” means, subject to the conditions precedent below, winnings legitimately and legally won by You in using the Services and that have been won by You in accordance with these Terms and Conditions less the following: (a) any rake or commission due to Us; (b) other entry or other fees due to Us for Your use of the Services; (c) any charge backs made by Your bank or other financial provider used by You in relation to the Services. 2.19 Tattersalls rule 4(c) Rule 4(C) will apply in the event of withdrawals. All bets on selections eligible to run but subsequently unable to start in a re-started race and withdrawn will be void and therefore refunded. Rule 4(C) will apply based on the prices of those selections. 2.20 “Information” has the meaning set out in Clause 19.1 below. 2.21 “Verification” means obtaining and confirming or disregarding the information You provided in order to determine Your identity, residency, financial standing, technical markers of Your location and device. This will be performed in-house, through Open Source databases and / or through third parties specialising is such services. 2.22 “Affordability” means level of disposable income available for gambling based on Open Source information and that expressly provided by You on Our request. 2.23 “Syndicate” means colluding with others in order to take advantage and / or bypass processes / policy 2.24 “Abuse” means any action or inaction that impacts Our and Our Services’ integrity, outcomes and processes. This includes, but is not limited to, looking to leverage promotions offered, gameplay and / or processes. 2.25 “Dormant” means Your Account has not Wagered for three hundred and sixty-five days (365) 2.26 “Monthly Maintenance Charge” means a £5 monthly deduction upon closure or dormancy. Please see clause 17.5 & 17.6 for more information on account dormancy. 2.27 “Administration Fee” means We are within our rights to action a 15% fee for costs incurred to Us. 3. REGISTRATION 3.1 During Your Registration requesting participation in the Services, by ticking the box 'I am over 18 years of age and have read and understood the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions', You acknowledge and agree that: (a) You are older or of the age of 18 and are a United Kingdom Resident. (b) You are not enrolled into National Self-Exclusion Schemes which includes GAMSTOP and / or have an active self-exclusion or time-out in place with any of the brands operating under the TGP Europe Ltd licence. (c) You have read, fully understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions; and; (d) these Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between You and Us regarding the use of the Services and You are legally fit to enter in such contract. 3.2 If You do not agree to any of these Terms and Conditions, please do not complete the Registration, but rather, immediately discontinue Your use of the Website. 4. OPENING YOUR ACCOUNT 4.1 In order to use the Services, You must be a United Kingdom resident and complete the Registration for account and Membership according to the guidance on the Website (the "Membership Registration"). 4.2 You warrant that all information supplied when Registering and completing the Membership Registration is accurate, true and complete, including Your name on the Membership Registration, sources of funds, payment method (including the relevant payment details, bank accounts and card numbers) and address. Checks for fictitious registration details will be undertaken using in house methods and third-party specialist fraud prevention agencies throughout the life of Your Account. 4.3 All player funds (including deposits, winnings and applicable bonuses) are held separately to operational funds. The Gambling Commission requires us to tell You that although customer funds are held separately, they would form part of the assets of the business in the event of insolvency. Your funds are not protected in the event of insolvency and this is rated by the Gambling Commission as ‘Not Protected’. Further information can be found here 4.4 It is Your responsibility to ensure that the laws applicable to You do not prohibit You from using and accessing the Website and the Information, downloading and installing the Software and participating in the Services. 4.5 We may from time to time require further evidence of identification and age from You to verify Your Membership Registration (e.g. valid identification documentation with picture and confirmation of address in the form of correspondence from governmental organisation, utility bill for fixed services to Your residence, etc). If there is any change in Your personal information as originally supplied by You, You must notify Us of the relevant change as soon as reasonably practicable. 4.6 We reserve the right to carry out any and all further identification, credit and other verification checks from time to time or request copies from You of any other documentation that We require and / or are required to undertake or obtain by applicable laws and regulations, to combat fraud and / or money laundering, including but not limited to, evidence of Affordability, Source of Funds and Source of Wealth. 4.7 We reserve the right to confirm Your name and address by post or otherwise. We may, at Our discretion, undertake additional security checks for any information that You provide. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, You allow Us to access, use, process and store the results of any identification verification or checks. We may require from You copies of any other documentation as We deem appropriate to combat fraud and / or money laundering, including evidence of Affordability, Source of Funds and Source of Wealth, including but not limited to, of a third party You are financially connected with. Please see clauses 4.17 and 4.18 for examples. 4.8 We reserve the right to reject Your Membership Registration at Our absolute discretion and without giving any reason. 4.9 You are not allowed to use the Services until completion of Your Membership Registration. 4.10 You will be required to set up an account with Us in your name (“Your Account”) to use and access the Services. 4.11 We permit only one Account per person, household address, email address, telephone number, same payment method and shared IP address or device (including those available publicly as in a library, workplace or internet café). 4.12 If We discover or suspect that You have more than one account with Us, or have reasonable suspicion that an account or group of accounts are operating systematically (for example employing specific wagering techniques or wagering as a group), or are otherwise in breach of any other provision of these Terms and Conditions, We reserve the right, at Our discretion, to terminate some or all of Your accounts. Checks for duplicate registration details will be undertaken at the point of sign up , and throughout the life of your account, using in house database checking methods and third-party specialist fraud prevention agencies. 4.13 Your Account is non-transferable. An Account can only be used by an individual who created it and for their own interest. 4.14 Upon registration You can choose the currency of Your Account, Pound Sterling (GBP), Euro (EUR) or American Dollars (USD). The minimum deposits accepted on Your Account will be £10 or €10 or $10, depending on Your choice of currency, as stated above. 4.15 Any sums held in Your Account are held by Us for You in a Player funds account. However, We are not a bank and no interest shall be paid on any sums in Your Account. 4.16 You must keep Your credentials (alias, password, and any other information used to access Your Account) secret and not reveal them to any other person. You shall not allow any other person to use Your account under any circumstances. 4.17 Affordability Document Requirement includes but is not limited to:- (a) Your occupation (b) Documentation that indicates Your income with which You fund your gambling account, which We may also need to update periodically, such as: (i) Latest 3 months’ worth of payslips (ii) Latest 3 months’ worth of most recent bank account statements from the account used to fund Your gambling activities (c) Any other documentation that You might consider relevant to this regulatory requirement 4.18 Source of Funds and Source of Wealth Requirement includes but is not limited to:- • Source of Funds documentation: o Personal bank statements – recent 3 months, full, unredacted and in PDF format o Pay Slips / Personal funds o Dividends / Investments / Saving accounts statements - full, unredacted and in PDF format o Sale of asset – completions statement o Divorce settlement written and certified agreement o Inheritance – Will statement and probate showing the value of the estate o Gifts / Allowances / Grants – donor’s SOW is required to the same standard and a letter confirming details of Gift / Allowance / Grant. • Source of Wealth documentation: o Winnings from other operators o Assets – proof of purchase / receipt o Asset and Income declarations o Business bank statement – recent 3 months, full, unredacted and in PDF format o Company – incorporation and structure details o Company – most recent annual financial statements – for the company and a parent company if applicable o Company Shareholders – shareholder capital contribution records o Copies of Contracts – completion payments should show on the bank statements o Company sale – completion statement – funds’ transfers must be shown in a bank statement o Director Statement – showing build-up of Source of Wealth of beneficial owner/s o Article of Association to show authorisation and issue of share capital. Any additional information pertaining to financial standing, where income is drawn, and wealth accrued but not listed above. Please note: Bank statements need to be for the most recent period available – i.e. dated within the last 30 days of our request, with two additional prior months to cover at least three months of recent history. The statements must show deposits made to Us and must be completely unredacted. They also need to show the funds entering Your account from gainful employment or the income revenue that You fund Your gambling with. This must be a full PDF copy. If the funds are from a transfer made via another account of Yours, then We will need to see that statement also. 4.19 We may, in some circumstances, request similar financial information of a third party You are financially connected to, within the scope of law and regulation to fulfil Our Social Responsibility, combating money laundering and counter-financing of terrorism obligations. 4.20 By accepting these Terms and Conditions You accept that Your Account may be suspended whilst We perform additional security, verification and / or affordability checks. 4.21 Internet gambling may not be legal in some jurisdictions, therefore We cannot provide You with any legal advice or assurances in respect of Your use of Our Services and make no representations whatsoever as to the legality of the Services in Your jurisdiction. You should check the relevant laws in Your jurisdiction before registering an Account with Us and using Our services. Please Note: It is your responsibility to ensure that You are gambling legally. 4.22 We are not permitted to allow persons located in certain territories to open Accounts with Us and We have systems in place to prevent Accounts being accessed and operated in those territories. Please be aware that if You are permitted to open an Account with Us because You are registered in a territory where gambling is legal but You then travel to another territory where We are not permitted to offer Our Services, You may not be able to access Your Account. 4.23 We will take no responsibility for any actions whatsoever taken by You on Your Account or Our Website if You employed any tactic, practice and / or technology, exploited a fault or a loop to circumvent Our systems and gained access from a jurisdiction where We are not legally allowed to provide Our Services. In such cases Your Account will be restricted until You return to Your registered and permitted territory and / or permanently closed, all Bets cancelled, and winnings withheld. 4.24 In line with the above limitations, if You already registered for the Account from permissible jurisdiction, We accept that You may visit restricted territories on temporary basis for leisure or business purposes, and to further promote Safer Gaming, We suggest You stop accessing Our Website for the duration of such travel. 4.25 By accepting these Terms and Conditions You accept that We reserve the right to contact you on your contact details registered. 5. SAFER GAMING 5.1 We are committed to Safer Gaming and We aim to provide enjoyable and socially responsible environment for You to participate in gambling as a leisure activity. To achieve this, We provide variety of tools to ensure that You are protected from developing problem gambling and harm You may suffer. 5.2 Any person with a gambling problem must not sign up for an account or play under any circumstances. If You discover that You have a gambling problem after registration You are required to inform Us and cease playing via the Website immediately. 5.3 We provide a Time-Out facility to allow You to take a break from betting for periods of 24 hours; one week; one month; or such other period as You may reasonably request, up to a maximum of six weeks. As in Clause 5.7, during the selected period You will not be able to place any Bets with Us and / or access Your Account. Once the Time-Out period has ended, Your Account will automatically re-open. 5.4 You should only gamble with your disposable income. To help You achieve this, We provide a financial control tool in the form of Deposit Limits which you can set up per Day, Week or Month to help You manage Your activities. Our standard maximum monthly deposit limit on our platform is set to £250, to increase this further you would be required to supply supported evidence on income and wealth. Players can amend Deposit Limits in the 'My Account' section of the Website. If a decrease is set, this will be applied as soon as technically possible and within 24 hours. If an increase in the deposit value is set, this will only be implemented after a 24-hour Cooling-Off period and a second confirmation by You. Any changes to the deposit value limit or the term limit will be implemented accordingly across our licence with previous deposits in the time frames inclusive. Please note these are available on registration as well as You can access these from Your Account. 5.5 We may from time to time apply Deposit Limits to Your account based on Your activity and / or financial information You provided to Us. We will communicate such action to You. Should You disagree with Our assessments, You should contact Us to discuss it. 5.6 We will conduct Safer Gaming communications with You from time to time. These might be conducted via email, pop up message or a telephone. When Your response is required in writing, You will be given 24 hours to respond, after which time Your account will be restricted until we receive Your reply. 5.7 We provide a Self-Exclusion facility to allow You to prevent Yourself from placing Bets with Us and / or from accessing Your Account for periods at your discretion between six (6) months and five (5) years. 5.8 If You Self-Exclude from gambling with Us via email, Your Account will be updated within 24hours. If You apply Self-Exclusion using the automatic function within Your Account settings, this will be applied immediately. Once this change has been made to Your Account, for the exclusion period, You will receive no further marketing information from Us, any funds You have on account with Us will be returned to You and it will not be possible for Your Account to be re-opened for any reason until after the exclusion period has expired and You requested it in writing. If You wish to use this facility or would like further information, please contact Us at or visit Your Account pages. 5.9 In addition to this Website, a number of other gambling websites are operated under the licence of TGP Europe Limited (such licence being as defined under Clause 2.1). Any request You make for Deposit Limits (as described in Clause 5.4), Time-Out or Self-Exclusion facilities to be set on Your Account, will automatically be applied to all accounts You may have under the licence of TGP Europe Limited. 5.10 Should You request Reinstatement of Your Account after Self-Exclusion period has expired, You will be required to contact Us at in order to reactivate Your Account after Your elected period of Self-Exclusion has concluded. If You wish to recommence at the end of Your selected Self-Exclusion period, You will be recommencing with all accounts You may have under the licence of TGP Europe Limited. On acceptance of Your request You will be given 24 hours Cooling Off period before Your Account / s is / are active. 5.11 Adding a Time-Out facility does not prevent You from opening new accounts with other websites including those operated under the licence of TGP Europe Limited. 5.12 You may request that Your Account be closed at any time. We will act on an email from a Player’s registered email address. 5.13 Please note that all and any Bets placed prior to Our receipt of Your request to Self-Exclude will remain valid. Self-Exclusion will only apply to Bets placed after Your notification is duly received by Us. You can notify Us via email sent from Your registered email address or by accessing Your Account settings. 5.14 We shall not be responsible for any losses incurred by a Player and shall not be liable to pay any winnings to a Player, who opens an account with the provision of false registration information to Us in order to try and facilitate play after Self-Excluding. 5.15 Upon registration, We will perform checks to ensure that You are over 18 years old and You are not registered in the National Self-Exclusion scheme. If We are unable to verify Your age, You will be asked for further information. 5.16 Throughout the life of Your Account periodical checks and verification activities are performed. In the event that We become aware of any breach, We reserve all rights as afforded to Us under these Terms and Conditions in regard to the closure of Your Account and the right to void any winnings. 5.17 Further help and information in respect of Safer Gaming is also available through confidential professional organisations, including but not limited to information on software that is available to prevent an individual device from accessing gambling internet sites. The following websites contain helpline numbers and e-mail addresses through which organisations may be contacted for confidential advice and support: free 24hrs helpline 0808 8020 133 5.18 A nationwide Self Exclusion scheme is offered by GAMSTOP, which allows customers to restrict their online gambling activities, preventing them from using gambling software provided by operators registered in the United Kingdom for a period of their choosing. The service is free and voluntary. You can find out more on their website: 5.19 If You register with GAMSTOP, only the details You used to complete such registration will be checked against Our databases. It is therefore Your responsibility to provide accurate details when registering with Us and GAMSTOP. We will not be liable for any losses that You incur as a result of You providing inaccurate information that prevented both, Us and GAMSTOP to correctly identify You. 5.20 You are responsible for limiting access to gambling sites on Your registered Device and We will take no responsibility whatsoever for an unauthorised access to Our Services through Your Account by persons who are not permitted in law to engage in gambling activities. It is Your duty to take any preventative measures and prohibitive actions to ensure such access is not granted. We therefore advise You to access Our Services using a Device of which You are the only user. If You are accessing Our Service from a Device shared with others within Your household, We suggest you employ relevant technology to block access to gambling websites through that Device. You can find more information following below links: 6. CONFIDENTIALITY 6.1 We will take reasonable and appropriate measures to ensure that Your personal information as disclosed to Us shall remain confidential. We will not disclose Your personal data or betting/account information unless required to do so by any applicable laws and regulations, court order, the relevant gaming and law enforcement authorities or other than as set forth in these Terms and Conditions. It is also Your responsibility to keep Your personal information confidential. 6.2 We reserve the right to disclose and transfer Your personal data to Our payment settlement service providers, financial institutions for the completion of payment services and third-party identification verification agencies. It is also possible that We are compelled to do so by applicable laws and regulations of the relevant gaming or law enforcement authorities. 6.3 We will process Your personal data in accordance with Data Protection Act 2018, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018, other relevant legislation and regulation and Our Privacy Policy. 7. CONDITIONS OF USE 7.1 As a condition of use of the Services, You warrant and undertake that You shall not use or access the Website, Services, Software and / or the Information for any purpose that is illegal under any law applicable to You or prohibited by and / or in breach of these Terms and Conditions. 7.2 You warrant and undertake as a condition of Your use of the Services that: (a) You are acting on Your own behalf and in Your own personal capacity, not on behalf of another person and / or as part of a syndicate or group of people; (b) You are not restricted by limited legal capacity; (c) You are not diagnosed or classified as a problem / compulsive gambler; (d) You are older or of (i) 18 years of age; or, (ii) the legal age determined by any laws applicable to You regarding the undertaking of Gambling by You. Please note underage gambling is an offence (e) You are fully aware of the risk of losing money in the process of Gambling and using the Services and the Website; (f) Your deposit of money into Your Account (as the term "Your Account" is defined in Section 4) does not originate from criminal or other illegal or unauthorised activities; (g) You are not conducting criminal or other illegal, unauthorised activities and / or intending to use Your Account in connection with such activities and that You shall not use or allow other persons to use the Services and Your Account for any criminal or otherwise unlawful activities including, without limitation, money laundering, under any law applicable to You or Us; (h) You will keep Your username, account number and password confidential and prevent unauthorised access or use; (i) You will immediately change Your password and notify Us immediately if Your username, account number or password is compromised in any way; (j) You are responsible for all activities via the Website and / or Device under Your username, account and password, regardless of acknowledgement or authorisation; (k) You will not use the Services, Website, Devices, Software or the Information in any way which interferes or may interfere with other Players, or make any attempt to gain an unfair advantage over other Players, whether specifically prohibited by the rules or not; (l) You will not undertake any activity or assist any third party to undertake any activity that degrades or may degrade the operational performance of the Services and / or the Website; (m) You will not solicit or seek to obtain other Players’ information by any means; (n) You will not upload or distribute any programs, files or data containing malicious software, which are corrupted or may affect the programs of the Devices, Software, Services and / or the Websites; (o) Your access to the Services and Information via the Websites is not prohibited: (i) by laws that are applicable to You or contractual obligations which apply to You personally; or, (ii) by laws that are applicable to persons in the country from which You are currently accessing the Website or using the Device; (p) You will not use the Website if You are based in a jurisdiction where gambling services, as offered by TGP Europe Ltd, are prohibited by law. We will undertake checks and have third parties undertake checks on Our behalf to identify Players from these jurisdictions accessing the Website. Please note that further restrictions on access to certain gaming products available via the Website may apply to Players based in permitted jurisdictions, in such cases access to such specific gaming products will be prevented through the Website from within such jurisdictions. (q) You will not collude with third parties, use any device, robot, spider, algorithm, software, routine or other method (or anything in the nature of the foregoing) to interfere or attempt to interfere with the functioning of the Services, Devices, the Software, the Website, Information or any transactions offered through the Website. You further acknowledge that any software which, confers any sort of unfair advantage, shares hole cards among Players (where applicable) or assists collusion or cheating in any way, utilises a database of hands (where applicable) or Player profiles which is shared between Players, reduces or eliminates the need for a human to make decisions, is designed to 'datamine', provides real-time advice on the action to take during play (including but not limited to ICM analysis tools), attempts to block any of Our fraud and cheating detection mechanisms, is prohibited. We will undertake such steps to accordingly identify the use of such software on a Player’s machine and You hereby consent to this and will not interfere with any of the detection mechanisms. These rules apply to all circumstances at all times; (r) You will not spread any information with content that is unlawful, harassing, abusive, threatening, libellous, defamatory, obscene, indecent, inflammatory, racially or ethnically objectionable, pornographic or profane, or any material that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offence or give rise to civil liability; (s) You are not an officer, director, employee, consultant, affiliate or agent of Ours or any company which has a relationship with Us, or a relative of any of the foregoing; (t) You are not placing bets on any event which You are affiliated with in any capacity, where Your actions on Our Website would contravene any restrictions in relation to gambling imposed by relevant organisation responsible for maintaining Integrity of Sport. (u) You will not impede the proper usage of the Services, the Website, the Software, Devices and / or the Information or initiate and / or engage in surveys, contests, chain letters, send / forward "junk mail" or bulk mails; (v) You will use the Services solely for personal entertainment and not use the Services as a way of conducting a commercial business or as a way of making a living. (w) You will not adapt any practice or technology which will prevent Our Security and Fraud Prevention tools from correctly identifying You as an individual, Your location and hardware used to access Our Services at any stage in life of Your Account. 7.3 All Players must play on their own behalf and in their own best interests. Playing on behalf of another individual, an employer, sweat shop, ‘gold farm’ or any form of team or co-operative is strictly prohibited. The use of any data which has been obtained by datamining, whether the data was obtained by the Player themselves or by anyone else is strictly prohibited, as is the sharing of any legitimately gathered data with other Players. 7.4 We reserve the right to void bets and / or impose a reasonable Administration Fee for costs incurred and / or withhold funds including but not limited to winnings, if upon investigation we discover that bets were placed in an unacceptable or dishonest manner , as listed below but not limited to: (a) ‘Influence Betting’ – where You or parties acting in association with You, can, either directly or indirectly, influence the outcome of a match or an event; (b) ‘Syndicate Betting’ – where persons act together to share funds, obtain bonus or place series of bets on the same event or competition. (c) ‘Network Betting’ – Colluding directly or indirectly via any paid services, forums, social media pages to gain unfair advantages such as malfunction, exploitation or manipulating loopholes. (d) Gambling by Proxy – where funds used for gambling purposes originate from other individual / s than the Account Holder’s lawfully acquired disposable income and bets are placed on their behalf. (e) We cannot determine the origins of funds you used to make deposits and / or those funds are not your own legitimately obtained income. And in any case during internal and external investigations and where we are directed by governmental authorities as prescribed by Anti-Money Laundering and Preventing Terrorism Financing legislation and regulation. (f) We will apply all restrictions permissible to Us by law and regulation in any case where actions taken on an Account may have a detrimental effect on Us holding and being permitted to continue operating under Gambling Commission’s licence. 7.5 If You become aware or have a suspicion of such activity that takes an unfair and illegal advantage of the Services and Website, You should report it to Us via for Us to investigate and ensure safe and fair gambling environment. All such prohibitions / restrictions are applicable whether or not there is any explicit agreement between the parties using the Website and whether or not any actual demonstrable harm has been caused to others. 8. BETS AND BET ACCEPTANCE PROCEDURE 8.1 We accept Bets for casino games, sports gambling and other events and games on the Website. All Bets must comply with the Rules relevant to each form of gambling offered by Us on the Website and to these Terms and Conditions. 8.2 If an error occurs in relation to the Website or in relation to any Bets or any events or circumstance on which Bets have been made, all relevant Bets shall be void; or in the event of any system error in relation to the Website, we reserve the right to void any Bets and / or any Winnings received in to Your Account as a result of such an error. 8.3 We reserve the right, at Our discretion but acting reasonably, to decline all or part of any Bet requested on the Website for any reason. 8.4 We only accept Bets via the internet and / or Devices in compliance with these Terms and Conditions. Bets are not accepted in any other form (whether by post, email, fax or otherwise) and the result of any Bet not submitted in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will be void. 8.5 We have the right to postpone or reject any Bet which we may suspect as having the capacity to damage the Website or Our operating system. 8.6 Any Bets that breach these Terms and Conditions will be cancelled by way of notification to the e-mail address registered on Your Account. 8.7 Artificial Intelligence or software (commonly called “bots”) are not allowed to be used. Any Bet using the foregoing or attempting to use the foregoing will be cancelled and the respective account will be closed. 8.8 Bets will only be valid if Your username and password (where it is so required) are correct and there is enough balance in Your Account to make the Bet in full. 8.9 You are responsible for all use, activities and transactions on Your Account in respect of the following, whether the usage, activity or transaction is authorised by You or not: (a) Your name; and / or, (b) Your account number; and / or, (c) Your username and password. 8.10 It is Your responsibility to ensure that the details of Bets placed by You are correct. Once Your Bet has been placed You can no longer cancel, revoke or change Your Bet. 8.11 All Bets are logged and recorded in Our transaction log database. Our transaction log database shall be conclusive evidence for all transaction information in relation to the Services and any Bet placed by You and / or any Player. 8.12 All bets are deemed for day of acceptance, unless otherwise stated. Bets will be deemed valid and accepted by Us when a transaction identification is displayed in Your Account and Your transaction history is updated. 8.13 No Bets can be placed after the commencement of the event that the Bet relates to or where the outcome of an event that the Bet relates to is known at the time of placement of the relevant Bet. If any event or betting session is erroneously left open for Betting after the commencement of the relevant event and / or where the outcome of the relevant event is known, We reserve the right to decline or void such Bets placed without reference to You. For the avoidance of doubt, this clause does not prohibit "inplay"/ "live betting" or half time bets where such are offered by Us. 8.14 Acceptance of any Bet requested, or any part thereof shall be at Our sole discretion, and We reserve the right to limit any Bet prior to its acceptance. 8.15 Advertised start times of the events on which You can place Bets displayed on the Website are for information purposes only. If for any reason a Bet is erroneously accepted by Us after the game, race, event or match on which You are placing your Bet has commenced, we reserve the right to cancel and void such bet. For the avoidance of doubt, this clause does not prohibit “inplay”/ “live betting” or half time bets where such are offered by Us. 8.16 Unless specifically stated otherwise within the Rules, for a sport or event, the result of a game, race, event or match will be determined on the day of its conclusion. All Bets accepted will be settled on the official result, unless otherwise stated. Any subsequent enquiry that may result in an overturned decision in relation to the relevant game, race, event or match will not be recognised by Us, and Our original settlement of Bets will stand. 8.17 Unless specifically stated otherwise within the Rules, if the venue for a sporting event is changed, all Bets placed based on the original venue will be void. 8.18 Unless specifically stated otherwise in the Rules, We will not recognise suspended games, races, events or matches or protests or overturned decisions in relation to the same. 8.19 Unless specifically stated otherwise in the Rules, should You include a non-runner or void selection in a multiple Bet, the Bet will be settled on the remaining valid selections (if any) only. 8.20 You acknowledge that any and all odds, lines and handicaps are subject to fluctuation without notice, and the foregoing will become fixed only at the time of acceptance of the relevant Bet by Us. You further acknowledge that where Live Betting (bets on events that have already started) is offered, such fluctuation may occur during an event. It is Your responsibility to ensure that You review the information pertinent to any Bet You wish to place for any such fluctuation when utilising the Live Betting facility. 8.21 When system failure of any type results in an incorrect odd, line or handicap, all Bets in relation to the same will be void. Provided the error, mistake or failure is rectified in time, We may at Our absolute discretion (but shall not be obliged to) make reasonable efforts to contact You to allow the choice of placing another Bet at the correct odds, lines and handicaps. 8.22 We will not accept any simultaneously placed Bets on one game, race, event or match from You. 8.23 Markets are occasionally opened which relate to the outcome of a sporting event beginning more than 1 week in the future. Ante Post Bets on sports are accepted all in, run or not, entered or not. Except where the Rules specifically state otherwise, Bets are lost on an Ante Post Bet if a selection does not take part. In all cases We reserve the right to deduct the equivalent of Tattersalls rule 4(c) to reflect returning Bets on Non-Runners. 8.24 In respect of any Bet and the associated transactions therewith, Our decision is final and conclusive. For the avoidance of doubt, this does not affect Your access to any independent adjudication or complaints procedure. 8.25 You acknowledge that the random number generator ("RNG") or live dealing provided on the Website will determine the shuffling and dealing of cards, spinning of the ball and wheel, shaking of the dice, the outcome of the games, outcome of the lottery and other randomly generated events that are part of the Services and You agree to accept such shuffling and dealing of cards, spinning of the ball and wheel, shaking of the dice and the outcomes of the game, lottery and other randomly generated events performed by the RNG or live dealer as final and conclusive. 8.26 When the result of one event has a direct influence on the outcome of another, there is a related contingency. Selections from related events cannot be combined in an accumulator, e.g. Team A to beat Team B in a league match, and Team A to win the league. 8.27 Where an accumulative bet of this type has been accepted in error it will be settled by equally dividing the Bet unit where the related outcomes clash. 9. ACCOUNT LIMITS, PAYOUT LIMITS AND MAXIMUM BETS 9.1 The following are the limits that can be won by a single client in respect of any one day’s business. Our Sportsbook Provider are not authorised to accept any Bets above and beyond these limits and on any Bets taken in error that exceed these limits We will enforce the limits and cancel the remaining Bet size. All limits are noted in Pounds Sterling. 9.2 In some circumstance these limits may be reduced or increased at Our discretion and from time to time be amended without prior notice. This will be in line with Safer Gaming guidelines and players will be notified in advance of actions taking place. Football £50,000 - All football leagues. Golf £50,000 Other Sports £50,000 - All other sports as detailed in their individual rules. Virtual Sports All virtual sports via Our virtual sports are subject to a maximum payout of £10,000. Non-Sport and Specialty/Novelty Bets £5,000 - Includes bets on media and television events such as ESports, Politics, Eurovision Song Contest, Dancing On Ice etc. Casino £50,000 Casino £50,000 Live Casino £50,000 Slots and other Games These figures do not include Progressive Jackpot winnings. Any Progressive Jackpot will be paid in full within 30 days. 9.3 For multiple Bets including selections from markets where different limits apply, the maximum pay out on the Bet will default to the lowest applicable limit and in no case shall exceed £50,000 (or equivalent amount in other currencies). 9.4 As stated in Clause 10.7, the maximum winnings payable by Us to any Player for any one calendar day (00:00 - 23:59) on any valid Bet or combination of Bets, including Ante Post, might be limited to a maximum of thirty thousand pounds sterling (£30,000) in aggregate. 9.5 Any group of Players who have placed the same combination of selections and We believe have been acting as a Syndicate, as defined in clause 7.4 (b), will be treated as one Player for the purpose of the above limits. 9.6 The maximum amount You can Bet varies according to the type of gambling and the terms offered by Us in relation to the type of gambling as detailed in these Terms and Conditions, relevant Rules and / or the Website and is subject to change without prior notice but in any event will not exceed the funds in Your Account available to place Bets. 10. SETTLEMENT OF TRANSACTIONS IN AND OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT 10.1 When using a debit card, the cardholder's name must be the same as the name provided in the Membership Registration. We reserve the right to reject a transaction in case of discrepancies between the cardholder's name and the name provided in the relevant Membership Registration. 10.2 You should fund Your gambling activity with Your own lawfully acquired disposable income, which does not include funds obtained through credit providers or any other institutional or peer-to-peer loans. Please note, Gambling with borrowings is against the regulations. 10.3 You have the responsibility under law to pay any and all debts that You incur with Us or Our associated parties. You agree that You will not intentionally cancel, reject or revoke any Bet, and You will pay Us any and all losses caused by such cancellation, rejection or revocation by You. 10.4 Online gambling debts are enforceable in law. 10.5 Players are encouraged to establish self-imposed deposit limits to restrict levels of their transactions in the 'My Account' section of the Website or by contacting Customer Services. Maximum thresholds limits can be placed by deposit value and by term; the terms are daily, weekly or monthly. Once the deposit value limit threshold is reached, further deposits will not be possible until the chosen term period has ended. Players can amend and cancel such thresholds in the 'My Account' section of the Website or by contacting Us via email (Contact Us). If a decrease is requested, this will be applied as soon as technically possible and within 24 hours. If an increase in the deposit value is requested, this will only be implemented after a 24-hour Cooling-Off period and a second confirmation requested by You. Any changes to the deposit value limit or the term limit will be implemented accordingly across our licence with previous deposits in the time frames inclusive. 10.6 We have the right to terminate Your participation in the Services and / or reject withdrawal requests on Your Account if We suspect any fraudulent, dishonest or reckless activity, omission or breach of any and all applicable laws and regulations or bonus abuse as defined under Sections 7 and 13 of these Terms and Conditions. 10.7 Depending on your chosen payment method, pay out of Legitimate Winnings might be subject to daily (00:00 – 23:59) or a single transaction limit of thirty thousand pounds sterling (£30,000) as stipulated by Our card payment service provider. Other limits for other payment methods may also apply. For the avoidance of confusion, these limits are payment provider specific and we have no influence over the levels of these limits. 10.8 Your Legitimate Winnings do not include the Bet relating to the betting session, event or game from which the Legitimate Winnings arose. 10.9 Subject to Clause 10.11, We shall not in any way be responsible for any error occurring in the payment process into or out of Your Account. We reserve the right to void any Bet or transaction relating to any Bet affected by any error in such payment process. You must inform Us as soon as possible if You find that the balance in Your Account does not match the balance that You expect. 10.10 Payment of any taxes, fees or charges on Your Legitimate Winnings under any applicable laws shall be Your responsibility. 10.11 Should sums be credited to Your Account in error, it is Your responsibility to notify Us of the error as soon as possible, and in any event from when You could reasonably be deemed to be aware of the error. Any sums credited to Your Account due to an error will be deemed invalid and, in the event, that there are sufficient sums in Your Account, such sums will immediately be reversed by Us from Your Account. In the event that there are insufficient sums in Your Account, You shall immediately return to Us the funds equal to the amount representing the erroneously credited funds. Sums credited to Your Account in error are not available to use as Bets. We reserve the right to void any transaction and / or Bet involving sums paid to You in error. For the avoidance of doubt, where You have a credit balance in Your Account and further sums are erroneously added to this, You are permitted to transact and / or place Bets up to the level of credits available in Your Account excluding the erroneously added sum. 11. COLLECTION OF LEGITIMATE WINNINGS 11.1 Legitimate Winnings will be deposited to Your Account. 11.2 We operate a Closed Loop policy, this means Your Legitimate Winnings must be withdrawn to the same payment method that was used for the original deposit in Your Account. The receiver of the Legitimate Winnings must be the same person who deposited the funds that were used for the relevant Bet. 11.3 If any individual or group is suspected of collusion and / or fraud, money laundering, financing of terrorism, participating in Influence Betting, Network Betting or Syndicate Betting, Gambling By Proxy, exploiting a fault, loophole or an error in Our Software, We are not obliged to return any funds that may be in Your account and We reserve right to withhold and / or retain any and all amounts which would otherwise have been paid or payable to You (including without limitation any winnings or bonus amounts). If We close or suspend Your account, the balance of Your funds will be non-refundable (including any winnings or bonus funds) and they will be deemed to be forfeited by You to the extent of any claim that We may have against You as at the date of such closure. 11.4 You must pay all bank and other third-party charges due to the transaction into and out of Your Account and We reserve the right to take these charges from Your Legitimate Winnings. 11.5 Minimum withdrawal amounts of £10 are in place. Should You wish to withdraw less than the minimum withdrawal amount, We will process your withdrawal manually, subject to a £1 withdrawal fee. 12. PROMOTIONS, BONUSES & MARKETING 12.1 All promotions, bonuses or special offers are subject to these Terms and Conditions in addition to promotion-specific Terms and Conditions that We may introduce from time to time in conjunction therewith that will take precedence for the duration of such promotion or a bonus offer. Terms and Conditions specific to individual Promotion or Bonus will be communicated separately and individually for acceptance before such offering is undertaken. 12.2 All promotions, bonuses or special offers are limited to one per customer, household address, email address, telephone number, payment details, IP address or device (including those available publicly in a library, workplace or internet café). Violations of this rule including using techniques to bypass via concealing device and / or IP will be in contravention of the terms agreed to and the applicable actions will be enforced. 12.3 At Our sole discretion, all promotion bonuses or special offers and any winnings accrued from such offers obtained using suspected Duplicated Accounts, as defined in Clause 4.12, will be voided and Your Accounts will be closed. 12.4 Marketing Preferences 12.4.1 Communications for whether You receive marketing related materials is set at registration and can be managed in Your Account Settings under Personal Details > Emails and Notifications > Promotions and Marketing materials. 12.4.2 You can unsubscribe or opt out of any marketing related materials if You receive a marketing communication from Us via a link in the communication. This will only unsubscribe You from the communication channel in which You receive that particular communication and further communication channels would need to be reviewed by You in Your Account Settings. 12.4.3 You must manage your preferences on whether You receive Web Push Notifications via Your browser settings. 12.4.4 Changing of Your marketing preferences may take up to 72 hours. 13. BONUS RULES 13.1 General 13.1.1 Bonuses are available at Our discretion and We reserve the right to restrict the availability of any bonus to any player at any time. 13.1.2 Fraudulent or multiple entries will not be accepted, neither will entries made in breach of these Standard Promotional Terms or the specific promotional terms. 13.1.3 Some of Our Bonuses may be offered to You on a complimentary basis or when taking part and completing promotions through the website. 13.1.4 Promotions are not available to players using an e-wallet when depositing funds. 13.1.5 Players who are Self-Excluded are not eligible to receive any bonus. Players that Self-Exclude during the course of bonus qualification or after a Bonus Token has been placed but before any winnings (Cash or Bonus) were accumulated, will not be eligible to receive any winnings (whether as Cash or as a Bonus Token). 13.1.6 Only one Bonus offer per player, per household, per shared computer and shared IP address unless otherwise stated. We do not allow “Multiple Accounts”. Player account details will be determined by any or all combination of name, mailing address, email address, computer (serial), IP address, payment (deposit/withdrawal) method used and any other form of identification. 13.1.7 By accepting any of Our bonuses, You agree to adhere to these Bonus Rules and any applicable rules made available to You before or when accepting a Bonus with Us. You must always also comply with Our full Terms and Conditions. 13.1.8 We reserve the right to withhold any Bonus, associated winnings whether from cash or bonus wagers if believed that the offer has been abused and / or where the terms of the offer are not fulfilled, or any irregular betting patterns are found including collusion, and this decision is final. 13.1.9 We reserve the right to prevent participation and/or completion of any Bonus at any point if We believe that the player is identified as displaying strong indicators of harm. 13.2 Promotion and Bonus Abuse 13.2.1 In the interests of fair gaming, any equal, zero or low margin Bets or hedge betting, shall all be considered irregular gaming for bonus play-through requirement purposes. Irregular game play includes, but is not limited to, placing single Bets equal to or in excess of 30% or more of the value of the bonus credited (or percentage defined within the promotional offer) to Your Account until such time as the wagering requirements for that bonus have been met. For this rule, a Bet is defined as one roulette spin or one dealer's dealt hand in any table game, or one deal in any Video or Power Poker game (this includes Multi-Hand/Play games). The use of the double or gamble feature shall be considered a new Bet and as such is beholding to bonus terms and maximum Bet restrictions. Should We deem that irregular game play has occurred, We reserve the right to withhold and /or confiscate all winnings. The use of bonus funds purely to progress through the bonus stages is also deemed irregular play. Abuse of bonus promotion includes, but is not limited to, any one or more of the following types of play while an active bonus is present: 13.2.2 A Player decreasing their Bet amount by 40% or more after a large win for the purpose of reaching wagering requirements while a casino bonus is still active e.g. Winnings from a $/£/€50 bet on any spin including a double up and reducing Your Bet amount to $/£/€20 or less. 13.2.3 Placing a Bet of more than $/£/€5 while wager requirements associated to the bonus are still in place. In such instances any winnings from the bonus and associated winnings maybe be voided e.g. If You deposit $/£/€100 Your maximum Bet is restricted to $/£/€5. This applies to cash money wagers if the bonus is active/present. Should Players wish to wager higher values, they need to contact Customer Service and request that the active bonus be removed. 13.2.4 The use of the double or gamble feature shall be considered a new Bet and as such is beholding to bonus terms and maximum Bet restriction. 13.2.5 If opted to receive a Casino bonus, the deposit used to activate the bonus can only be wagered on Casino until such time that wager requirements are met or bonus lost. 13.2.6 Players activating a casino bonus will not be permitted to place sportsbook wagers; virtual wagers; or live dealer wager with their cash or balance and return to the casino to wager their casino bonus balance (unless stipulated otherwise). Such pattern of play will be deemed irregular and any associated winnings may be voided. 13.2.7 The delay of winnings by hiding of free spins or bonus features or cash. Any play that initiates "free spin" or "bonus" features with bonus or cash funds, after which the Player leaves the free spin or bonus round, to then complete at a later stage i.e. after the bonus has been wagered or wager requirement rebased. 13.2.8 Any wagers that make use of bonus funds purely to progress through the bonus stages, and then the wager of cash Bet to complete the final stages, once the bonus funds have been released or forfeited, will be deemed abusive play. This includes but is not limited to the games mentioned in each individual casino promotion page terms and conditions (as described in Clause 13.4.6) 13.2.9 Any wager where the cash funds are hidden in open or non-resulted Bets to allow for access to bonus funds will be deemed abusive. Furthermore, the resulting/completion of such Bets post bonus funds being wagered will be void along with all wager of bonus funds and winnings thereof while hidden cash funds are still in play/not settled. 13.2.10 Players placing equal, zero or low margin/minimal risk bets, such as any bet spread combination in roulette games covering 25 or more of the 37 unique numbers on the table. 13.2.11 Players already registered are not allowed to register as a new user under another name or email address. If multiple accounts are registered with Us, We will cancel the user account and void any Bonuses/winnings claimed. 13.2.12 We reserve the right to request any Player to provide sufficient documentation for account verification and for Us to be satisfied that We are certain of the identity of the Players to whom We are issuing any Bonus, Bonus Token or special promotion. 13.2.13 These Standard Promotional Terms apply to all Our promotions and competitions. If there is a discrepancy or conflict between these Standard Promotional Terms and any specific Promotional Terms, then the specific Promotional Terms will be used. 13.2.14 We are not responsible for the accuracy of promotions or content outside of Our own Website. 13.3 Sportsbook 13.3.1 Bonus Tokens are non-withdrawable and must be redeemed on sports (excluding casino). 13.3.2 A Bonus Token must be redeemed all at once and cannot be split up in smaller increments. 13.3.3 The Bonus Token stake will not be returned on any winning bets. 13.3.4 Unless specifically stated Bonus Tokens have a 5-day expiry. 13.3.5 Bonus Tokens will not count towards qualifying for any promotion. 13.3.6 Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable other than at Our sole discretion. 13.3.7 Unless otherwise specified in writing, if You are required to travel as part of the promotion or as a competition prize winner, You are responsible for making all Your own arrangements (including insurance). 13.4 Casino 13.4.1 Bonus wagering requirements must be fulfilled within 7 days or within the period stipulated for the promotion, from the date the Bonus was issued to the Account, otherwise the Bonus amount received, and any winnings generated through the Bonus will be forfeited. Only the fund-in amount will be returned. 13.4.2 Free spins will be made available for various promotions on the website. 13.4.3 All free spins assigned to a Player’s Account must be used within 7 days or within the period stipulated for the promotion, unused free spins will be removed thereafter unless otherwise stipulated. 13.4.4 Winnings from free spins may be subject to wagering, (i.e. 50 times) which may include maximum Bet rules & game weighting before they can be withdrawn. 13.4.5 The maximum that can be won from free spins is £100. 13.4.6 Specific Casino games are excluded from Bet placement if You have a Casino Bonus balance. The list of the games excluded from wager while a casino bonus is active is detailed in each individual casino promotion page terms and conditions. 13.4.7 When a bonus is active or present, a maximum Bet limit, maximum win limitations and wager requirements might be present. This will be displayed in the specific Terms and Conditions for the offer. 14. INDEMNITY FROM YOU TO US You hereby indemnify Us, Our employees and agents for any and all costs, expenses, losses, damages or claims whatsoever (including reasonable legal fees) that may be incurred or suffered by Us, Our employees or agents arising in any way from Your negligent act or omission, Your downloading or installation of the Software, Your use of Software and /or the Information, and / or any breach by You of any part of these Terms and Conditions. 15. DISCLAIMERS AND NATURE OF THE SERVICES 15.1 Gambling is at Your own choice and judgement. You should be aware that You bear the full risk of using the Services. By using the Services, You acknowledge that You do not judge the Services, Website or Information to be offensive, objectionable, unfair or indecent. Some jurisdictions have not addressed the legality of online gambling while others have specifically made online gambling illegal. We do not intend that anyone should use the Services or access the Website, Information and / or the Services in jurisdictions where such use or access is illegal. The availability of the Services, Information and the Website should not be construed as an offer, solicitation or invitation by Us to use or access the foregoing in any jurisdiction in which such use or access is illegal. Compliance with any laws applicable to You is entirely Your own responsibility and We make no representation or warranty whatsoever that the Services, Software, Website or the Information comply with any laws applicable to You. 15.2 We will endeavour to provide the Services, Software, Website and the Information using reasonable skill and care but beyond this no warranty is given. We make no representation or warranty of any kind in respect of the Services, Website, Software and the Information. Subject to Clause 15.10, any representation or warranty, whether express or implied, statutory or otherwise in respect of the Services, Software, Website and Information are hereby excluded. 15.3 The Website and the Software are provided "AS IS". We do not warrant that the Services, Software, Website or the Information will be free of interruptions, free from defects, free from errors or free from external interference of any nature or that any unidentified defect will be corrected. 15.4 We do not warrant the Services, Software, the Website, the Information or servers that make them available are free of computer viruses, bugs, spyware, adware or other malicious, destructive or corrupting code, program, data or macro or any other features that may affect any Devices and / or data contained within. You will undertake Your own precautions (at Your own expense) to ensure that the processes, measures and / or Devices which You employ for using or accessing the Services, installation of the Software and using the Website do not expose You to the risk of computer viruses, bugs, spyware, adware or other malicious, destructive or corrupting computer code or other forms of interference or damage to Your Device or data contained within. 15.5 Subject to Clause 15.10, in the event of: (a) system and / or communication delay relating to Your Account, the Website or any other element of the Services; and / or, (b) system and / or communication error relating to Your Account, the Website or any other elements of the Services; We will not be liable to You as a result of any such delay and / or error and We reserve the right to void all Bets affected by such delay and / or error and take any action We deem appropriate to correct such delay or error. 15.6 Subject to Clause 15.10, in no event shall We be responsible or liable for any damages, loss or expense, including any interference or damage to Your Device or data contained within, in connection with Your access to, use of or participation in the Services, Website, Software and / or the Information. 15.7 Subject to Clause 15.10, We disclaim any and all warranties, representations and responsibilities in respect of any aspect of the Services, Website, Software and the Information, which may be provided to You and Us by third parties, including but not limited to, broadband service providers, telecommunications service providers, failure or shortage of power supplies, banks and payment providers and shall not on any account be liable for any default, breach or inaction of such third parties. 15.8 We, Our employees and agents will not be liable in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise for any losses that were not foreseeable when the contract was formed, losses that were not caused by any breach on Our part, business losses, or damage incurred by any user in connection with the Services, Website, Software or the Information, including without limitation any damage for loss of business, loss of data, loss of profits or contracts, loss of income or revenue, loss of data, or loss of goodwill. 15.9 Subject to Clause 15.10, We hereby exclude all liability to You whether under the terms of contract tort, negligence or otherwise. 15.10 We do not exclude liability for death or personal injury caused by Our negligence or liability caused by Our fraud of fraudulent misrepresentation or misrepresentation as to a fundamental matter, nor Our failure to use reasonable skill and care when providing You the Services. Your statutory rights remain unaffected. 15.11 We reserve the right to withdraw the Website at any time and will not be liable to You in the event of such action. For the avoidance of doubt, this does not affect Your rights in relation to the protection of customer funds. 15.12 You acknowledge that part or all of the Information may be subject to revision, change or modification, as provided in these Terms and Conditions. You therefore acknowledge that the Information is provided solely for reference and does not constitute advice or solicitation, and is not the subject of, and shall not constitute the basis of any binding representation, warranty, contractual obligation, or reliance on Your part of any nature. 15.13 Subject to Clause 15.10, Our entire and aggregate liability to You whether under the terms of contract, tort, negligence or otherwise shall be limited to the amount of the relevant Bet or in the case of any other matters, an aggregate of the amount in Your betting account with Us. 15.14 You hereby acknowledge and agree that all disclaimers and exclusions of liability contained in these Terms and Conditions represent a fair and reasonable allocation of the risks and benefits of the agreement between You and Us, taking all relevant factors into consideration, including without limitation the value of the consideration provided by You to Us. 16. DISPUTES & COMPLAINTS 16.1 If You have any questions about the Website or the Services, or in the event that You have any complaint or dispute regarding the Services, You should, in the first instance, email Our Customer Services Team at - We will try to resolve Your case via Our escalation procedure. 16.2 Other than as set out in these Terms and Conditions, if You have any dispute with the result of any gambling You undertake with Us, You must submit Your written complaint to Us, including full details. Details should be sent by email to our Player Services at Upon receipt, Your communication will be acknowledged by return message within twenty-four (24) hours, after which the investigation will commence. We strive to resolve all Disputes and Complaints within twenty-eight (28) days’ time. Where the resolution depends on You providing further information, a further period of twenty-eight (28) days will be applied to Our actions. 16.3 In the case of a discrepancy between the result or outcome which appears on Your Device and the result or outcome in the transaction logs in Our system, You agree that the results or outcome in Our system's transaction logs shall be the conclusive evidence of the relevant result or outcome. Details should be sent by email to our Player Services at For the avoidance of doubt, this does not affect Your access to any independent adjudication or complaints procedure. 16.4 Gambling Operators licenced by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain are required to offer dispute resolution by an independent third party or 'Alternate Dispute Resolution' (ADR) provider in line with LCCP social responsibility (SR) code 6.1.1 We have appointed the Independent Betting Adjudication Services (IBAS) as Our ADR. Please direct unresolved complaints to them at telephone number +44 207 347 5883. Further details about IBAS can be found at IBAS can be emailed at 16.5 If You request to use an ADR provider other than the Independent Betting Adjudication Service, We may agree to use such ADR provider on the premise that You have checked that the relevant ADR provider is approved by the Gambling Commission. 16.6 We will not accept, and accepted the risks associated with using an unapproved ADR provider. For example, unapproved providers may not be bound by the requirements of the ADR regulations, which require them to act in a fair, transparent, and open manner. 16.7 You may use the Independent Betting Adjudication Service even if You have already used an unapproved ADR provider. 17. TERMINATING, CLOSING AND SUSPENDING SERVICES 17.1 Given the nature of the Services, We reserve the right to terminate Your Account at any time without prior notice if You are in breach of any of the obligations under these Terms and Conditions or based on reasonable evidence, We believe that our Terms and Conditions have been breached. Upon closure of Your Account, You will be notified by email of Our decision to terminate Your Account and any Legitimate Winnings and other legitimate sums in Your Account will be returned to You minus an Administration Fee. If following thirty (30) days from the date of Our email advising You of the termination of Your Account, We have been unable to return Your Account balance to You, a Monthly Maintenance Charge of five pounds sterling (£5.00) or currency equivalent will be applied to Your Account until Your Account balance reaches zero. We shall be entitled to charge You further periodic administrative fees during the period that Your Account remains inactive and to set-off such charges against funds in Your Account up to the extent of the balance in Your Account. 17.2 We take Abuse and manipulation of our Services seriously and in addition to other rights available under these Terms and Conditions, We reserve the right, at Our sole discretion, to: (i) void any winnings (including Legitimate Winnings); (ii) suspend or terminate Your Account; (iii) terminate these Terms and Conditions with You; and/or (iv) suspend the provision of the Services to You and/or (v) seize all the funds in Your Account and to reverse any withdrawals that may be pending in the event that Our risk management monitoring systems have detected irregular gambling patterns and / or We reasonably determine that: (a) You, or people living at the same address as You, have more than one active account with Us; (b) the name You provided to Us does not match the name on the payment method used to make deposits to Your Account; (c) You participate in a promotion offered by Us but fail to fulfil the requirements of the relevant promotion; (d) You provide incorrect or misleading registration information and / or Affordability, Source Of Wealth, Source Of Funds information; (e) We were unable to positively verify Your identification based on the information You provided to Us (f) You are not of or older than: i) the age of 18 or ii) the legal age for participating in Gambling in the jurisdiction in which You reside; (g) You access and participate in the Services from a jurisdiction where participation in the Services is prohibited by law or We deem (acting reasonably) that such participation is prohibited by law. As described in Clauses 4.21 – 4.24 (h) You have "charged back" or procured a "charge back" against Us or denied any of the transactions or deposits that You made to Your Account; (i) You have deposited or sought to deposit money originating from criminal or other illegal or unauthorised activities or third party individuals to Your Account; (j) You have been manipulating or attempting to manipulate any of our Services; including but not limited to syndicate or network syndicate; and/or You have engaged in any dishonest and sinister behaviour; (k) You are committing or attempting to commit fraud, or We have reasonable grounds, at Our sole discretion, to suspect price rigging, or deem any betting pattern to be suspicious in any regard; (l) You employ or seek to make use of an Artificial Intelligence or other system (including machines, computers, algorithms, software or other automated systems) designed specifically to defeat the system operated by Us or You are found to have colluded or attempted to collude with other Players in order to defraud Us or other Players as defined in Section 7; (m) You allow (intentionally or unintentionally) a third party to use Your Account; (n) You fail to comply with any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions; (o) You attempt to conceal Your location, including but not limited to, through the use of a Proxy server; (p) You are located in one of the jurisdictions where access and use of Our Services is prohibited by law; (q) You fail any Verification, Security, Affordability checks ; (r) We are required to do so by any applicable law, rule, regulation, in accordance with a request or instruction from any governmental, regulatory or enforcement authority and / or during internal or external investigations (s) You do not, within a reasonable time of Us asking for it, provide information that is necessary for Us to provide the services (t) You place a Bet on any sporting match or event in which You take part (or in which a team of which You are a member, or in respect of which You are employed, takes part); or (u) we suspect that You have (or may have) otherwise materially breached these Terms and Conditions. (v) You have bypassed, and / or Your Account has failed to pass through, our 3rd party specialist fraud tools (w) You have provided falsified or altered documentation. 17.3 If the provision of the Services is suspended and / or Your Account is deactivated, the provision of the Services may be reinstated and / or Your Account may be reactivated by Us after the necessary rectification (if capable of being rectified) action has been taken by You and such rectification has been verified to Our full satisfaction. 17.4 We reserve the right, without notification, to add new betting offerings, games or functions to the Website or to create, delete, stop, restrict access to or modify any betting offering, game or function at any time. 17.5 If you have not wagered for 12 months (365 days) Your account will be deemed Dormant. Upon Us marking any Account Dormant You will be notified by email where it is Your responsibility to request any balance to be returned and/or reactivate Your account. At the point of recommence (Where You have contacted Customer Service) Your account will become Active and any remaining balance minus the Monthly Maintenance Charge will be reinstated. 17.6 We shall enforce a Monthly Maintenance Charge of five pounds sterling (£5.00) or currency equivalent to any balance that remains on Your Account until Your Account balance reaches zero. 17.7 Prior to Your account entering into Dormant Account status We will contact you by email 11 months after your last wager notifying You that in 30 days Your account will be entering into the Dormant Account status. 18. SOFTWARE LICENCE 18.1 You hereby acknowledge and agree that the Software that is made accessible to You (by download or otherwise) for Your remote use on the Website through Your Device, is part of the Services and is Our property and the property of Our licensors, and that You do not gain any rights to such Software whatsoever other than as expressly set out in the licence in Clause 18.3. 18.2 You may not in any way or by any means adapt, copy, modify, reproduce, store, distribute, display, publicly perform, broadcast, publish, transmit, sell, rent, lease or licence or otherwise communicate or make available, the Software to any other person, or on another website, online service or bulletin board, or on any other media and / or device, other than as permitted by law. 18.3 We hereby grant to You a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable licence to install and use the Software on Your Device for the purposes of using the Services and for no other purpose whatsoever the "Licence" provided that such installation and use is made through a Device of which You are the primary user. 18.4 The Licence is solely for the purpose of enabling You to use the Services. You are not allowed to: (a) install or upload the Software onto a server or other networked device or take other steps to make the Software available via any form or on any bulletin board, online service or remote dial-in, or network to any other person; (b) distribute, rent, lease, sub-licence, copy, transfer, assign or otherwise make available the Software and/or the Licence to use the Software to any other person; (c) allow another person to use the Software; (d) create or provide any means (including, without limitation, via emulators) through which the Software may be used by others; (e) translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify, discover, create derivative works based on the whole or part of the Software and / or the source code of the Software, other than as permitted by law; or, (f) copy, modify, translate or create any derivative works based on the whole or any part of the user documentation concerning the Software. 18.5 You acknowledge and agree that the Software and the Software user documentation provided on the Website and / or through Devices or otherwise, are owned exclusively by Us and / or Our licensors and are protected by copyrights, trade mark rights and other forms of intellectual and proprietary rights. You hereby acknowledge that the structure, organisation and source code of the Software are the valuable trade secrets of Ours and Our licensors. You acknowledge that save for the rights granted to You in accordance with the Licence, You do not acquire any rights or interests whatsoever in the Software and / or the Software user documentation. 18.6 COOKIES A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded onto ‘terminal equipment’ (e.g. a computer or smartphone) when the user accesses a website. It allows the website to recognise that user’s Device and store some information about the user’s preferences or past actions. We use cookies to track Your use of the Website and Services. We may also use cookies to monitor traffic to the Website and Services and make it easier/more relevant for Your use. Information with relevance to cookies may be obtained from third parties (such as financial institutions, identification verification agencies, credit providers, credit reference agencies) for Us to follow legal gaming requirements (e.g. to identify You or for the purposes of prevention of Money Laundering, Fraud, terrorist financing). These third parties have all been thoroughly vetted as part of Our Information Security Controls and in accordance with the requirements of Our remote gambling licence. You can learn more on cookies by visiting or 18.7 Upon the termination of these Terms and Conditions with You and / or closure of Your Account for any reason, the Licence issued to You under these Terms and Conditions shall terminate automatically and You must stop using the Software and uninstall it from Your Device. 19. INFORMATION AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY 19.1 The information, material and data, including without limitation, marketing programmes and materials, results, statistics, sporting data and fixture lists, odds and betting figures, text, graphics, video and audio content, which are available to You on the Website (“Information”) belong to Us and / or Our licensors. 19.2 Other than as permitted by law, You shall not adapt, copy, modify, reverse engineer, reproduce, store, distribute, display, publicly perform, or include in any broadcast, publish, transmit, sell, rent, lease, grant licences or otherwise make the Information available to any other person, or with another website, online service or bulletin board, or any other media and /or Device. 19.3 The Software, the Services and the Information provided on the Website and / or through Devices are protected by copyright, trademarks and other forms of intellectual and proprietary rights. All right, title and interest in and to the Software, Services and Information on the Website are owned, licensed and / or controlled by Us and Our licensors. You acknowledge that You do not acquire any right, title or interest, or any licences to the Software, the Services and the Information through Your use of the Website other than expressly set out in these Terms and Conditions. 19.4 The Website Brand and Our other trademarks on the Website belong exclusively to Us and / or Our licensors and You do not have any right to use such. You shall not use, register, attempt to register or assist any third party in using, registering or attempting to register any name, mark or device which is similar to the Website Brand or any other of Our trademarks. 20. LINKS TO EXTERNAL SITES 20.1 The Website may contain links to third party websites which are not maintained by Us. Links to such third-party Websites are provided for Your convenience only and We are not responsible for, and do not undertake to ensure, the contents of such third-party websites are accurate, current or maintained. 20.2 We are not responsible or liable and have not provided, reviewed, approved or endorsed any third party websites and We make no representations or warranties in respect of the contents or the privacy practices of any third party websites or any products or services which may be advertised, sold or otherwise made available on any third party websites. 20.3 We shall not be liable in contract, tort, negligence, or otherwise, for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from, or in any way connected with, Your use of any link to third party websites. 20.4 Unless expressly provided, We shall under no circumstances be considered to be associated or affiliated with any statement, opinion, trade or service marks, logos, insignias or other devices appearing on third party websites, or any products or services which may be advertised, sold or otherwise made available on third party websites or with the operators or owners of third party websites. 21. LINKS TO THE WEBSITE You may not link or create any links, deep or in-line links to any part of the Website, Services or frame the Information. 22. MODIFICATION 22.1 We reserve an absolute right to amend, update and modify these Terms and Conditions and the Rules (or any part thereof) from time to time, and any amendment, update or modification will be presented to You by way of a notification upon login for acceptance. The amended, updated or modified Terms and Conditions and Rules will take effect as soon as they have been accepted by You. Your continued use of the Website and the Services is Your acceptance of the modified or updated Terms and Conditions and Rules as published. 22.2 Any Bet received by Us but not settled prior to the time of notification of any amendment of these Terms and Conditions will be subject to the Terms and Conditions in place at the time that the Bet was acknowledged by Us. 22.3 In the event that You do not accept the amendments to these Terms and Conditions, Your Account will be unavailable to You, and You will have to contact Our Customer Support Team at to perform any action in relation to Your Account. 23. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN YOU AND US Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be construed as creating any agency, partnership, joint venture or any other form of joint enterprise between You and Us. 24. VIOLATIONS OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS We reserve the right to seek all remedies available at law and in equity in respect of any breach of these Terms and Conditions. 25. FORCE MAJEURE If We fail or We are late to perform any obligation under these Terms and Conditions due to the occurrence of events beyond Our control (including, but not limited to: nature disasters, pandemic, changes in applicable laws or regulations, action or inaction of government, civil or military authority, court orders, act of terrorism, lightning or fire, strike, lockout or other labour dispute, flood, draught, war, riot, theft, transmission or system failures, failure or interruption in the provision of telecommunications or broadband services, failure or shortage of power supplies or equipment, inclement weather, earthquake and natural disasters), such failure or delay does not constitute a breach of these Terms and Conditions. 26. NON-WAIVER In the event that We fail to enforce any provisions of these Terms and Conditions, this will not render a waiver of the rights to enforce such provision or influence the effectiveness of these Terms and Conditions or impede any further action by Us. 27. THIRD PARTY RIGHTS Nothing in these Terms and Conditions will create or confer any right or benefit in favour of any party other than the parties herein and whether under legislation or otherwise. 28. TRANSFERS 28.1 You are not allowed to transfer, assign or novate any part of these Terms and Conditions or any rights hereunder to any third party. 28.2 We are entitled at any time to transfer, assign or novate any part of these Terms and Conditions to any third party. 29. NOTICES 29.1 Any notice We give to You (unless stated otherwise in these Terms and Conditions) will be sent to You at the email address registered with Us. Any such notice will be deemed served twenty-four (24) hours after dispatch by Us. 29.2 Any notice You give to Us must be sent by email at or recorded delivery mail (or airmail if relevant) and sent to Our registered office address and marked for the attention of: Managing Director TGP Europe Limited 22A Castle Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 2EZ 30. SEVERABILITY If any parts of these Terms and Conditions are determined to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such terms will be separated from the others to that extent while the others will continue to be valid and enforceable to the full extent permitted by law. 31. POST TERMINATION The terms of Clauses 1.6, 10, 11, 17, 20, 22, 27 and 30 shall extend post termination of these Terms and Conditions and / or termination of Your Account. 32. GOVERNING LAW AND JURISDICTION 32.1 You agree that Your access to the Services, Website, Software, the Information and the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions is governed by the laws of England and Wales. 32.2 The parties hereby submit to the non - exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. However, this shall not prevent: (a) You from making any complaint about Us to the appointed Alternative Dispute Resolution service; (b) either party from seeking any injunction or similar relief or action in any court of competent jurisdiction.


Top game developers

Great live casino offering

Mobile-friendly games

Good range of payment options


Live chat only available for registered customers

Numerous restricted countries

About Casino

Fun88 is an online casino offering a great player experience for Indian players. There is an impressive welcome bonus package and a good range of casino games. The site offers games from many top gaming software companies and includes a live casino lobby. This casino and sportsbook is an international brand serving many countries across the globe, and it holds a license from E-Gambling Montenegro.

Our first impression of this casino is that it’s a well-designed site with plenty of options for gamblers in the form of both casino games and sports betting. Setting up an account is quick and simple, and you can download the app for easy mobile gambling. In fact, there’s an extra incentive for mobile customers, as there is a chance to win an iPhone 14 every week – all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is download the app.

The casino lobby is well laid out and easy to navigate, with everything you need easily available, including all the offers, jackpots, and bonuses. These rotate across the top of the screen when the site is viewed from a desktop device. The casino offers a good variety of popular and secure payment methods for depositing your funds and withdrawing your winnings and is generally well trusted globally. We particularly like the live casino offerings, with more than 200 games from well-known software brands including Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Microgaming.

Fun88 Bonuses In India

There are a variety of bonuses available at Fun88, and they change from time to time, so always check to see if there are any new offers. Right now, Indian players can get the chance of a ‘surprise’ deposit bonus every day when they deposit at least 1,000 rupees. The surprise bonus is 100 rupees deposited into your main wallet if you are lucky enough to win, and those who make a qualifying deposit will have five chances to win every day. Up to 600 players a day can take advantage of this offer.

Remember that if you download the app, you’ll also have a chance to win a new iPhone 14, and there are other offers such as a 400% deposit bonus when you play live casino games. Fun88 also offers tournaments with prizes, sometimes run in conjunction with some of the popular game providers, such as the Pragmatic Play daily wins features. All bonuses come with terms and conditions, including rollover or wagering requirements, so always read the bonus terms carefully to see if you can meet the requirements and claim your bonus.

Fun88 Slots

Fun88 is an excellent choice if you enjoy slot games, and there are a lot of high-quality, fun, themed slots on offer, including jackpots and Megaways. Slots in the lobby include Kingdom of Asgard, Aztec Blaze, Spin & Score Megaways and Highway Kingz. You can play most slots for free in demo mode at Fun88, which is great for hobby players who want to try them out at no cost before committing to actually making a deposit. You will need to sign up and make a Fun88 account to play for free, but you can just make a basic free account and then play in demo mode for as long as you want.

With so many fun slot machine games from top providers, it will probably take a while for you to get bored of them. However, if you do, there are plenty of other options available at this casino, including a great range of live dealer games, TV games, and other table games, as well as sports betting if that’s your thing. The majority of the games are slots, however, and there’s enough variety that you’ll no doubt find some of the features you love, such as bonus games, free spins and expanding Wilds. Don’t forget that you can play Fun88 slots, and other games, on your mobile device, so you can take the fun with you wherever you go.

Should You Play at Fun88 In India?

Overall, we found that the experience of playing at Fun88 as an Indian player is a good one, and we would certainly advise any Indian online casino enthusiasts to consider giving it a try, especially as you can sign up, have a look around the site, try out the mobile app, and play games for free before deciding whether you want to actually make a deposit. You won’t, of course, be able to claim the bonuses and offers until your account is funded. Indian players can access customer service, including a convenient live chat option, though you will have to register with the site to open a chat.

We were impressed with how easy it is to navigate the site, sign up as a player, and get your account up and running and make your first deposit. Just be aware that you will need to provide some personal details, and your Identity Security Number, to guard against fraudulent activity on the site. The bonuses available offer good value. There are wagering requirements to meet before you can actually get your bonus, so check out what they are to see if you can meet them. The range of slot games is very impressive, and the slots lobby is probably our favorite part of this casino.

The mobile gaming experience is also a great one, and, of course, it’s useful that accounts can be funded in rupees. We also like the fact that once you’re signed up, you will be offered various ongoing promotions and offers for both the casino and the sportsbook.

Casino Features

Ability to fund account in rupees

Welcome package

Live chat for registered players

Multiple payment providers

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