Guy Hasson Creates New Game Development Company Euphoria Studios

Guy Hasson, an expert with decades of experience, has established a development company called Euphoria Studios.

Euphoria will focus on two different elements. The first is developing innovative slot titles, and the second is B2B operations. The studio explained that gaming providers would have the option of commissioning the studio’s services to receive top-quality games.

Hasson revealed that Euphoria would function in two locations – India and Israel. However, the company’s primary focus would be on the western market. The famous developer explained that the players in the United States need fresh slot games, and that’s what his company plans to deliver.

Up to 40 new titles a year

Although it’s a new studio, Euphoria has big plans. The current idea is to create up to 40 games per year. Hasson pinpoints this won’t affect the quality but rather improve it. He hopes that a dedicated approach to creating every slot will be enough to attract players to Euphoria’s games. 

For Hasson, it’s not about the volume, although players like it when they have a large number of games available. The main focus should be on ensuring each slot is unique and can captivate the player’s attention. Even if the visitor spends a little time playing it, that will inspire them to come back.

Hasson teased the idea of creating a game with a cycle that extends across five to 10 spins. According to the developer, that should motivate players to keep playing and see what will happen when the cycle finishes. If there’s a chance for a big reward when the cycle finishes, it’ll make the game difficult to leave. Hasson claims Euphoria will make slots where you’ll always be a couple of spins away from triggering a major event or reward.

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