Indian casino operator Delta Corp reopens its Deltin Casino

Delta Corp Limited operates the Deltin Denzong Casino, which was forced to close in April when the number of coronavirus infections increased to more than 55%. 

Now, Delta Corp has issued an official statement outlining its plans to reopen its Deltin Denzong Casino in the northern state of Sikkim. 

Officials of the Bombay-based casino operator have said that a large number of citizens have been vaccinated against the virus, so the government has allowed them to reopen their Denzong Casino in the Denzong Regency Hotel, provided that they follow the social distancing rules and other restrictions given by the government in their casino.

Riverboat casinos are still not open

Delta Corp is also the owner of three riverboat casinos in the Goa province called the Deltin Caravela, Deltin Jaqk, and Deltin Royale, but they are yet to be opened. 

Deltin JAQK Indian Casino Cruise Shop remains closed in Goa

The casino operators have already made a demand to the authorities in Goa that since the number of coronavirus cases has reduced drastically, they should be allowed to open the doors to their riverboat casinos – however, the government officials are yet to give any response. 

It has been alleged that the lockdown rules are going to be relaxed in Goa after July, and there are some possibilities that the riverboat casinos will be opened after that. 

However, the casino operators are worried that the lockdown period could extend further, as it has been the case in the past, and it will further hinder the opening of the three casinos in Goa.

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