Kalamba Games in new slot release

A provider of casino gaming content has confirmed that it has released a new slot. 

Kalamba Games said that it had released the game, which is called Legend of Senteng. 

The new game’s features

The new game contains a wide variety of features. 

These include the chance to experience “multiplier wilds”. 

These can be experienced up to five times in each game and are designed to happen randomly. 

They move across some of the columns in the basic game and then vanish. 

There is also a free spins offer available for players. 

If players find three special signs and symbols during the game, then they will be able to access extra spins. 

There is also a hyper bonus option available, which allows customers to get into the free spins game directly. 

The setting

The game is understood to be designed with high aesthetic value in mind. 

It appears to be set in a forest-based environment. 

Senteng, meanwhile, is thought to be a dragon. 

What the developer says

In remarks posted on the Kalamba website, the company explained what the row and reel configuration for the game would look like. 

“Journey to the magical forest where you will find the magical dragon Senteng,” it said. 

“Packed with engagement features, this 6×6 slot is sure to delight players from key target demographics,” it added. 

The company went on to make an appeal to distributors to add the new game to its lists by emphasizing the way that the game was able to offer enhanced visual appeal. 

“Set in a truly stunning location, make sure your players have the chance to enjoy the blend of wonderful visuals and proven features of Legend of Senteng,” the firm said.

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