Leading international body announces renewal of market data provider contract

A major international body has confirmed that it has renewed the contract of a major market data provider. 

The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) has confirmed that it will continue to use the services of H2 Gambling Capital. 

The arrangement has been in place for a while, and the move will mean that the IBIA can carry on accessing the database offered by H2.

According to reports, this database brings together information from more than 100 nations around the world. 

In a statement, a leading name at H2 said that the IBIA was fighting at the cutting edge of the modernization process taking place in the casino world. 

David Henwood, who is a director at the firm, explained that he was pleased that his company was gaining an association with a major international group. 

“IBIA is at the forefront of the modernisation of the global betting industry and we are proud to be associated with the association which represents nearly 100 international betting brands,” he explained. 

He went on to say that the two companies have already been doing research into the way that regulation operates within the sector – and that it had worked well so far. 

“Our joint work on optimum market regulation has proved ground-breaking and the further professionalisation of the sector will very much require accurate market data and analysis at its heart, so we are delighted to be co-partners with IBIA in this space,” he explained. 

For the IBIA, meanwhile, the chief executive officer there said that the data offered by H2 has been integral to the operation of the company when it comes to policy in recent years.

Khalid Ali said that it had also helped improve the firm’s regulatory positions.

“H2’s market leading and globally recognised dataset has been an important component of our policy deliberations and has underpinned our key market integrity and regulatory position,” he explained. 

He went on to say that the data that had been used had been very important for moving on suggestions when it came to evidence bases. 

“That data has been critical in advancing evidence-based proposals with a range of stakeholders around the world,” he said. 

He concluded by saying that the firm was glad that the pairing was continuing. 

“IBIA therefore welcomes a continuation of our partnership, which comes at an important point in the development of regulated betting globally,” he explained.

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