Melco Resorts & Entertainment to Use AI to Count Chips

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology will be used by Melco Resorts and Entertainment to count and verify its casino chips.

The AI technology comes from the United States-based Cogniac Corporation, which is now being implemented in the City of Dreams Manila casino, a resort run and operated by Melco Resorts and Entertainment Ltd. in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. This will include the addition of AI-based image and video analysis by Cogniac Corporation tools to the casino’s daily operations. The tool will count gambling chips and enhance the casino’s customer loyalty program. 

Cogniac has signed an agreement with Melco to implement its AI solutions to support the Melco Club rewards program. The operator’s reward program is centered around gambling activity and requires information about how many chips customers usually play. 

This AI-based technology from Cogniac is like a “machine-vision platform” that has supposedly “eclipsed the human benchmarks” in terms of how the members of staff used to do their work. This will lead to a reduced need for human intervention, and the AI solution is significantly better than manual operations at counting. It offers a 99.7% accuracy in counting as compared to manual counting, and it also finishes the task much quicker, which massively increases the speed of operations.

Cogniac stated: “Melco’s integrated resorts feature popular loyalty programs which require the counting and verification of large numbers of casino chips.” The Cogniac system reduces the resource requirement for maintaining efficient operations. This will help redistribute employees and staff to different positions with more strategic value. 

Usually, AI technology is used to prevent fraud in the gambling industry. This application into the loyalty program is basically a “unique case study on the broad applicability of AI and the Cogniac system.”

Several other casinos have taken up AI solutions to advance their market positions by improving their operations. The technology can enhance player protection and create a customized player experience, which is among one of the top demands of players. In addition, it also helps in minimizing fraud and potential problem gamblers. 

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