Netherlands regulator announces closure of gambling loophole

A regulator in a major European market has confirmed that it has blocked up a loophole that had previously risked letting young people into the gambling market. 

The Netherlands had previously been in a situation in which those who were underage could potentially add money to an online casino account. 

It is understood that it would also have been theoretically possible for young people in the nation to place bets. 

There is no evidence at present that this actually took place. 

Comments from the minister

However, the Minister for Legal Protection in the country has since announced that the gaming authority in the country had raised concerns over the issue. 

Franc Weerwind said that Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) had raised it. 

The KSA is understood to have then gone to the firms that allowed it to happen and asked them to fix it. 

These firms are understood to have agreed to these terms. 

In public remarks, Weerwind went into more depth about the current state of play when it comes to gambling regulations designed to help protect young people. 

He outlined more details about the requirements placed on people who are creating and processing new accounts. 

“When creating a player account, the identity is established and verified, among other things by means of a check on the Citizen Service Number,” he said.

He also said that players had to provide repeated identification as part of the process. 

“In addition, a player must identify himself every time he or she wants to access his player account, for example by means of username and password,” he said. 

He also discussed Know Your Customer principles in place in the country’s gambling system. 

“In addition, only money can be deposited with a payment account that can be unambiguously traced to the person of the player,” he explained. 

“This minimizes the chance that a minor can actually play with a licensed provider,” he said.

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