New game providers looking to raise the stakes

Online games developers are always looking for new ways to make casino tables, slots, and all manner of games that little bit more exciting. It is incredible to see just how far the online gaming industry has come over the past 20 years! However, thanks to gaming and gambling innovators always striving to go beyond the cutting edge, there is almost always something new to enjoy.

Some studios – such as Creedroomz, Pascal Gaming, and PopOK Gaming – go a little bit further than many might expect. Not all slot games or virtual tables follow the same old patterns, but what is it that these three studios have to offer in terms of disruption and innovation for the wider gaming industry?

PopOK Gaming

PopOK Gaming is a studio that has been picking up interest and plaudits for its creativity and eye-popping slot designs. Popular PopOK games include the likes of Viking’s Mystery, Diamond Phantom, Crazy Poki, and Sultan’s Tale. One look at its games catalogue tells us that these games tap into most of the popular niches you will find at casinos across the web.

However, PopOK’s most interesting focus appears to be in bringing classic slot standards up to code, by adding a few hidden surprises along the way. For example, while the 3×3 title Ultra Hot may seem like a regular, run-of-the-mill fruit machine from times gone by, added extras such as secret progressive pots, multipliers, and gamble opportunities help to raise the stakes a little.

Other games following this style include Hot Bar, a five payline game that, on the face of things, is fairly straightforward. However, it too carries PopOK’s trademark secret progressive pots, as well as hidden scatters. PopOK games appear to be challenging the perception that what you see is what you get.


Creedroomz, meanwhile, is a live dealer games developer that focuses on the bespoke. Creedroomz live dealer games not only promise to offer high-quality tables and experiences to players, but also provide casino developers with the chance to create unique portfolios of live games. Therefore, for the average online casino looking to tap into the real dealer niche, their raft of tables and talented dealers proves to offer more than just a ‘cookie cutter’ one-size-fits-all system.

Creedroomz also leads the way regarding the sheer array of different games available through its initial line-up. Blackjack, roulette, and baccarat arrive as standard. However, the studio also develops and provides keno, dragon tiger, hi-lo, pai gow, and hold’em tables – alongside a raft of interesting twists on traditional games that players are likely to have seen elsewhere before.

What’s disruptive about Creedroomz is its refreshingly simple approach to custom live casino solutions. While more and more casinos are adopting live dealer games as standard, getting started does not always appear as easy as some casino operators may assume. Creedroomz’s luxury line-up proves to not only be enticing to everyday players, but also to casino developers looking for a quick, unique real dealer setup without the headaches.

As a provider working with a host of global licenses, Creedroomz is a name that is likely to become more ubiquitous in the industry as the years go by.

Pascal Gaming

Pascal Gaming is an online gambling brand that is focused largely on efficient gaming with ease of setup for casino providers. The studio has developed an impressive selection of lotto, slot, table, and arcade titles to prove that, while younger than most of the big-name developers on the market, it is serious about playing to every corner of the industry.

One of the most intriguing innovations you will find at a Pascal Gaming casino is that of Non-Stop Blackjack. This landmark title from the studio effectively allows unlimited players to join an online game of ’21’ at any given time. This effectively increases the number of players who can engage with a standard game at any time, appealing to both growing casinos and interested casino-goers alike.

Pascal’s portfolio of games includes the likes of Crystal Crush (that allows players to buy into the bonus round), Double Wheel, and Lucky Deal. Lucky Deal has picked up particular interest as it effectively emulates the cryptocurrency trading landscape. Players can place bets on fast-moving crypto markets within the world of the game, effectively lowering risk while retaining real-world excitement.

What is interesting about Pascal Gaming is the fact that it isn’t afraid to make games bigger, faster, and to challenge perceptions. Dynamic, multiplayer titles such as x50 Wheel are helping to make traditional gameplay that little bit more social. As physical casino games and tables often revolve around multiple players in attendance at once, online games may have lost this aspect over the years. Pascal, it appears, is striving to change this.


All three of the developers we have examined above are working hard to bring online gambling into a new age. PopOK games add hidden depths to traditional game design, maintaining healthy RTPs and playing to popular niches. Creedroomz is simplifying live dealer fit out for casino providers while creating luxury experiences for mobile players. Pascal Gaming, meanwhile, isn’t afraid to create titles and platforms that welcome increasing numbers of players.

These brands, while still growing in the wider industry, are already catching the eyes of casino providers and players alike. While the online gambling landscape has never been bigger, there is still a risk of some casinos growing stale. Without innovators daring to try something a little different, the industry is at risk of offering the same experiences again and again.

With VR casino gaming and VR betting likely to be a few years away from overtaking the industry as the predominant source of web-based entertainment, online casinos still have plenty of time to show players a new trick or two. These providers discussed above, however, are only a few brands working to transform the industry – and we’ll be keeping a close eye on them in the years that follow.

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