Arcade Bomb

by Aneeca Younas

Reviewed: 06/04/2022

Arcade Bomb is a retro-themed slot game with classic symbols and a modern twist in the form of locked reel bombs.

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About Arcade Bomb

Arcade Bomb is the perfect slot for those who love retro games. Many Indians will remember Bomberman and other classics they used to play in the arcades. Red Tiger Gaming decided to look for inspiration in those games while combining that theme with famous casino-related symbols.

The result is Arcade Bomb, which the studio released in 2016. It features classic symbols and a simple gameplay concept with an additional twist. The slot quickly became popular among Indian players. Although it doesn’t have a sequel, many fans still enjoy playing Arcade Bomb.

Our detailed Arcade Bomb review discusses all the significant features and provides details of how to play this slot. Keep reading to learn why it’s among the favorites of Indian players!

How to Play Arcade Bomb

After loading the game, you’ll see a short introduction with the developer’s logo. The first visible screen explains the main game’s rules. You can get familiar with the symbols and the special features immediately. Once you’re ready, click ‘Play’ to move to the game’s screen. You can access the paytable and the help section at any moment by using the lower part of the screen.

Arcade Bomb features a classic 5×3 layout. There are no adjustable reels, so it will be easy to memorize the structure. The game offers a fixed number of paylines set to 20. It shouldn’t be difficult to keep track of these lines, especially after a few spins.

Arcade Bomb Play

While you can’t choose the paylines, you can adjust the stake. The lowest option to go with is 0.20, which makes it 0.01 per line. Your maximum stake can be 100 per spin. As for the biggest win that you can land per spin, it’s 1,000x. It’s not a lot, but if you consider that Arcade Bomb is a simple and classic game, it’s more than enough.

Red Tiger Gaming secured the Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 96.15% for this slot. It’s a bit less generous than most of today’s games, but it’s still a decent rate. The key thing to note is that this is a low volatility slot. It also has a medium hit rate, so your wins will be pretty frequent. While the volatility isn’t as high as in most Megaways titles, the majority of players will find that this setup is an attractive option. These parameters make Arcade Bomb excellent for beginners. If you are a new player, you can catch up with all the essential slot functions while enjoying the modern gameplay addition that we’ll describe below.

Arcade Bomb Features

Arcade Bomb isn’t a slot with fancy animations or lots of features. The graphics are decent, and the visual effects fit nicely with the theme. The sounds are basic, and you might consider turning them off after a while. The game doesn’t offer free spins or a classic bonus round, but there is a feature that changes the entire play, and those are locked reel bombs.

While spinning the reels, you can land a bomb in any position. The bomb has a timer that shows the number needed to play to reach the countdown. That timer can be anywhere from three to 10 spins, and the bomb stays in that position during that time.

Once the timer reaches zero, the bomb explodes. It blasts adjacent tiles in various patterns and turns them into the same mystery symbol.

Arcade Bomb Bombs

The trick is that bombs’ patterns depend on the colors. A blue bomb will blast horizontally, while yellow blasts vertical tiles adjacent to its position. Purple forms a diagonal cross, and green makes a vertical and horizontal cross. You can see this clearly on the screen as the game marks it for you once the bomb appears. Once it blows, it can trigger another bomb in its path immediately.

This unique feature helps to make a winning combination of symbols. Here is the entire symbol list and the payout structure in Arcade Bomb:

  • Cherries, lemons, oranges, strawberries and watermelons. These are the lowest-paying symbols. You need at least three identical ones on adjacent reels to trigger a win. The win can go from 4x for three cherries to 50x for five watermelons.
  • Bar. You get 24x for three bars, but if you land five of them, the prize increases to 120x.
  • Bells. If you manage to land five bells, you’ll get 250x.
  • 7s. This is the highest-paying symbol, with the prize going from 100x to 1,000x.

Arcade Bomb Summary

Red Tiger Gaming did a great job with Arcade Bomb. It’s a simple and retro-themed slot for those who don’t like overcomplicating things. The game is also an excellent choice for beginners. 

The locked reel bombs spice up the gameplay and motivate you to play another spin each time. You’ll love seeing bombs blasting tiles and turning them into symbols that bring you rewards. The RTP and low volatility ensure that you’ll land prizes frequently. The grand reward per spin isn’t life-changing, but it’s enough to keep things interesting.

Arcade Bomb Big Win

Overall, Arcade Bomb is a wise pick for Indian players. You can enjoy the slot on all devices, from smartphones and tablets to PCs and laptops. If you are looking for some relaxing fun but also appreciate innovative slot features, then Arcade Bomb is a wise choice.

Arcade Bomb's Features

Arcade Bomb is a retro-themed slot game with classic symbols and a modern twist in the form of locked reel bombs.

  • 5x3 slot layout
  • Fixed number of 20 paylines
  • 1,000x maximum win
  • Low volatility and medium hit rate

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