Catch A Fish

by Anyaa Mittal

Reviewed: 06/04/2022

Get out your fishing rod and catch some lucrative fishes in Catch A Fish, an online video bingo by Caleta Gaming. This fun and classic bingo game is boosted by some additional in-game features and a 94.25% RTP. 

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About Catch A Fish

Catch A Fish by Caleta Gaming is an online video bingo set in a world of peaceful underwater environments with fishes all around.

Caleta Gaming is known for offering a first-class gaming experience, and its title, Catch A Fish, is the same. Launched recently in March 2021, this bingo-themed slot offers exciting gameplay.

Catch A Fish takes you deep underwater and the game comes with features such as extra balls that are helpful in catching a bingo.

It’s built using the HTML5 platform, so you can play the game on any device. The graphics are crisp and vibrant, with the balls appearing in a fun range of colors.

The bingo game is easy to navigate, and the rules of gameplay are simple. With its many appealing design elements, Catch A Fish also adds an accompanying soundtrack that just builds up the whole experience.

How To Play Catch A Fish

The Catch A Fish online bingo game is quick and fun to play, and you have the potential to win big in the bonus rounds. You can place a maximum bet of 50.00 coins and a minimum of 0.02 coins. The game has an RTP of 94.25%.

When the game starts, 30 bingo balls are picked, and if your cards have the matching symbols, they’ll be highlighted in green. Before the balls are drawn, you’ll have to select the bet by choosing the number of coins. You can see your remaining balance on the bottom edge of the game screen.

In normal gameplay, all the bingo cards are active. You can choose to change the number of cards, but a higher number of cards means a better chance of winning. You can play with 1 to 4 cards in turn.

You can also opt to change the numbers on your cards by clicking the Change Cards button. All the cards will then change randomly, and you can do this any number of times until you find the cards that you like.

Per card, there are 12 possible winning combinations, which are displayed above the balls drawn in turn. Each winning pattern has a corresponding winning card, which is also displayed on the combinations.

If there are any winning combinations in your cards, the patterns will be marked in your cards with the respective payline. If there is a combination with just one missing number, it will be highlighted in yellow. If there are multiple overlapping patterns, only the highest win is paid.

The gameplay is quite standard and as expected from online bingo. By clicking the Play button, you can enjoy the game at a normal speed, while clicking Turbo will speed up the gameplay.

Catch A Fish Features

Although Catch A Fish is just like any other online video bingo, it does have some additional features that’ll make the gameplay interesting and exciting for its players.

With the Extra Balls feature, you have an option of purchasing up to 13 extra balls after the standard 30 balls have been drawn. The cost of these extra balls depends on the current winning odds. If the winning odds increase, the cost of the extra ball also increases.

You can also choose not to purchase any extra balls by clicking No in the current round. This will end the round, and you’ll get the winnings in your account.

Catch a Fish Slot 3

If you’re close to winning a big prize, you can get awarded with a Special Ball, which lets you manually select a number that is not yet drawn in the active cards.

The Fishing Bonus guarantees a big prize if you get a bonus pattern on any of the cards.

The Pick and Collect bonus game offers another chance to score. You’ll be presented with baskets of fish. If you pick the basket with the highest value, you win!

To win, you’ll need to pick the hats until you match three values.

You can also see the game history for up to 20 previous games. You’ll see the total bet and your wins for each round.

Catch A Fish Summary

Catch A Fish by Caleta Gaming is a fun online bingo slot with an RTP of 94.25%. You’ll have multiple chances to score big, with a bonus round that can increase your win amount significantly. You’ll enjoy several attractive bonus features, all designed to help you land big wins in the bonus rounds.

Catch a Fish Slot 2

The game graphics are crisp and vibrant, with every detail making the gameplay more exciting. This medium volatility game can award you decent wins, while the accompanying music will make you want to keep on playing.

Catch A Fish's Features

Get out your fishing rod and catch some lucrative fishes in Catch A Fish, an online video bingo by Caleta Gaming. This fun and classic bingo game is boosted by some additional in-game features and a 94.25% RTP. 

  • The Extra Balls feature can increase your chances of winning, letting you purchase up to 13 additional balls
  • With a Special Ball, players get the option to manually choose a specific number on the ball, which helps create a winning combination
  • There are 12 possible winning combinations in each game
  • Players can play with up to 4 cards in turn

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