Extra Chilli Megaways

by Aneeca Younas

Reviewed: 29/09/2021

Want to spice things up a bit with your next slots game? Well BTG is serving up a flaming-hot Megaways experience with Extra Chilli. Want to know just how hot it really is? Find out for yourself by trying out our free demo version and reading our in-depth review below.

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About Extra Chilli Megaways

Extra Chilli is a game that continues the tradition of using the Megaways system in slots developed by Big Time Gaming (BTG). The studio experienced massive success with Bonanza in 2016 and released Extra Chilli two years later. The Megaways system is incredibly popular, and BTG has built on this popularity with each of its successive releases. However, Extra Chilli Megaways Slot also has unique features that stop it being an obvious copy of the developer’s most successful slot.

BTG hit the jackpot with the Megaways concept, and since it started selling the licence to other developers, the selection of Megaways slots has increased considerably. As a result, developers need to work hard to attract players to each new iteration – but does Extra Chilli have the required formula? Check out all the details of this slot in our review below.

Extra Chilli is a Megaways slot that offers up to 117,649 potential ways to win. The game features six reels, and you can land between two and seven symbols on each, which is decided randomly in each round. Unlike most regular slots, Extra Chilli also offers an extra bottom row for the middle reels.

Extra Chilli Megaways Game Demo | IndiaSlots

The game has a number of additional features that can increase your winnings with every spin. BTG has limited the maximum reward in a single round to 20,000x your initial stake, and although there’s no jackpot, that grand prize should be more than enough, even for the high rollers out there. Extra Chilli has the RTP placed at 96.19%, which is not as high as some of BTG’s slots but is higher than the average slot RTP. As is typical with Megaways games, Extra Chilli has high volatility – you’re more likely to win more significant amounts, but wins are less frequent.

What are the symbols used in Extra Chilli? The lowest-valued symbols in Extra Chilli are those featuring card values from 9 to A. If you land three 9s on adjacent reels, you’ll get 0.1x of your initial stake back. The highest payments come from Ks and As, which are the only card values that give a higher return than the original wager. That being said, it will take landing six Ks or six As on adjacent reels to get 1.75x your initial wager.

Extra Chilli Megaways Winning Symbols

  • Green chilli – This can land up to 2x the original bet.
  • Blue chilli – The maximum payout is also 2x, but landing fewer blue chillis is more worthwhile than green.
  • Red chilli – This symbol will give you up to 7x your initial wager.
  • Purple chilli – The highest-paying symbol pays 2x if you land two on adjacent reels and 50x your stake if you land six on adjacent reels.

Extra Chilli also has special symbols:

  • Scatters – The scatter symbols are the letters spelling out ‘HOT’, and they generate eight free spins. The only requirement is to land all three letters anywhere on the reels.
  • Extra scatter – This is a +4 symbol that grants players four additional spins.
  • Free spin scatters – These are containers loaded with red chilli peppers. If you land three or four during the bonus round, they will generate that number of additional free spins.
  • Wild – Fireworks with the word ‘wild’ emblazoned on them represent the wild symbol. It replaces everything except the Feature Drop and Scatters.
  • Feature Drop – This reduces the price for using the ‘buy the feature’ option.

Megaways is an attractive feature that Extra Chilli uses to entice new and existing players. It provides thousands of ways to win, especially when combined with the reaction feature. The bonus round is also appealing as it offers multiple twists. It starts with the option to gamble with your free spins and continues with multipliers and the chance to win additional free spins.

Extra Chilli theme and graphics


Extra Chilli is BTG’s first food-related slot. The developer has simplified things by using peppers of various colours as the game’s main symbol. The game is set on a Mexican chilli cart in the middle of a Mexican market. While the reels are spinning, the music is lively and upbeat. Occasionally, trumpets and traditional Mexican music can be heard, which adds to the immersive nature of the slot.

Extra Chilli Megaways Freespins | IndiaSlots

The graphics are cheerful and of exceptional quality. The chilli cart is detailed, as is the rest of the market in the background. These small details show the care and attention that BTG pays when creating new games.

One issue, however, is that the game’s layout is not especially user-friendly, and you’ll need several spins to get used to it.

Extra Chilli bonus features


There are lots of extra features available in Extra Chilli:


This feature is often referred to as cascading reels and is a popular inclusion in slot machines. The reactions feature works in the following way:

  • You spin the reels, and they stop.
  • The system finds all winning combinations and calculates your winnings.
  • All the symbols that were part of that win disappear. The slot generates new symbols in their positions.
  • If there are new winning combinations, the system calculates them.
  • The previous two steps continue as long as you have winning combinations.
  • This feature increases your potential win per round by replacing the winning symbols with new ones. It doesn’t require an additional wager, and it’s part of what makes Extra Chilli a tempting slot to play.

Free spin and gamble

Extra Chilli has a bonus round to play with free spins. Scatters provide players with free spins. Before the bonus round starts, you have the option to gamble with the free spins that you’ve received. It’s possible to win up to 24 free spins in this way.

For example, you start with eight free spins. Extra Chilli offers you the opportunity to spin a wheel and increase your free spins to 12 or lose them entirely, depending on which segment the wheel lands on. This continues in increments of four until the maximum of 24, or until the player loses.

In the bonus round, every reaction increases the multiplier by one. If you land a free spin scatter, it will give you additional bonus spins in that round. 

Feature Drop

Extra Chilli also has a ‘Feature Drop’ option that allows you to purchase the feature. This can be won for free by landing Feature Drop symbols, which appear on all reels and can reduce the price of buying the feature by 0.2x to 2x your stake in that round.

Extra Chilli – how to play

Extra Chilli begins with a short introduction to its main features. The layout of the main screen will depend on the device you are using. If you activate full-screen mode on your PC, the buttons will be on your right. However, if you reduce the screen size, the controls move to the lower section.

As well as spinning the reels with the ‘Play’ button, you can also:

  • Adjust the desired stake. This can be anywhere from 0.2 to 40.
  • Enter the main menu. You can see the paytable, read the rules, activate or turn off the sound, and set automatic spins here.
  • Use the auto-spin shortcut. This is a button that makes it easier to set the auto-play feature. The maximum number of spins is 100, and you can also adjust loss and single-win limits.

Once you are ready, spin the reels. Extra Chilli analyses the reels from left to right. You need identical symbols on adjacent reels to win.

Extra Chilli Big Win | IndiaSlots

BTG is a developer that’s famous for impressive cross-platform support. The Extra Chilli interface adjusts to the device you’re using, ensuring that all buttons and reels remain on screen, regardless of your chosen platform.

Extra Chilli mobile app

It’s also possible to play Extra Chilli for free on a mobile device. Some online casinos will offer demo versions of the game, so simply find one that does and try it without using real money. Some platforms have iOS and Android apps that ensure a more streamlined experience when playing on mobile devices.


Extra Chilli Megaways's Features

Want to spice things up a bit with your next slots game? Well BTG is serving up a flaming-hot Megaways experience with Extra Chilli. Want to know just how hot it really is? Find out for yourself by trying out our free demo version and reading our in-depth review below.

  • Dropping Symbols
  • Feature Drop
  • Extra Chilli Freespins

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