Fruit Shop Megaways

by Aneeca Younas

Reviewed: 29/09/2021

One of the first NetEnt games to utilise the ever popular Megaways function, Fruit Shop Megaways adds an exciting twist to the original game which has won over many fans. Want to see why? Play the demo game right here at IndiaSlots and then read our full review!

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About Fruit Shop Megaways

NetEnt is one of the pioneers of online gaming, and its slot machines are popular worldwide. NetEnt launched the famous Fruit Shop franchise in 2011, and is now celebrating a decade of its existence with a Megaways variation.

Fruit Shop Megaways In India | IndiaSlots

Megaways is a concept launched by Big Time Gaming and used by other studios under licence. NetEnt decided that this would be the best addition to the latest instalment in this series. Our Fruit Shop Megaways review can help you to discover if this game is worth trying. The article covers everything from graphics and features to a playing guide. Players who would like to test the game can try it for free on this page. Before giving it a shot, check out more details about NetEnt’s Fruit Shop Megaways below.

Fruit Shop Megaways is a new addition to NetEnt’s rich library of slot games. It’s an instalment in the Fruit Shop franchise but with the Megaways system implemented. Thanks to this playing mechanism, players have up to 117,649 ways to win every round.

The game has six reels, each of which can feature two to seven symbols. These symbols are randomly decided in every round. If the player lands seven symbols on all six reels, they will have 117,649 potential ways to win – the fewer symbols on the board, the fewer possible winning combinations. The total number of paylines in every round is visible at the top of the screen.

Fruit Shop Megaways is a high volatility game, which means that the rewards aren’t as frequent as in other games, but there is an increased likelihood that players will win greater prizes. It’s a concept that appeals to both high rollers and casual players. The overall RTP percentage is 96.06%, and although it’s potentially not as impressive as some of NetEnt’s other slot machines, it’s still a fair rate. In a single spin, players can win up to 10,000x their initial wager. Fruit Shop Megaways won’t pay players more than this amount, even if the winnings exceed it.

Fruit Shop Megaways was created as part of NetEnt’s Fruit Shop franchise, and the creation of a Megaways iteration was justified. The Megaways system has been proven to be a massive hit among players, and that’s also true for Fruit Shop fans. The inclusion of 117,649 ways to win is enough to offer a drastically different experience from previous instalments in the series.

Fruit Shop Megaways Banner | IndiaSlots

NetEnt hasn’t complicated things, which is why there’s no jackpot or advanced bonus features. However, the studio has included all the options you would expect from this game type, including free spins and multipliers, as well as a large frame for bet adjustment. Don’t hesitate to give this game a chance for free to see if it matches your gaming preferences!

Fruit Shop Slot, Theme and Graphics

The Fruit Shop franchise focuses on creating a positive and uplifting gaming experience. The fruit theme is a classic for slot machines, and the graphics on this game are cartoonish. Although all of the symbols are 2D, NetEnt’s game designers have utilised bold and vibrant colours to make each of them stand out. Each fruit is set on a lighter background, making it easier to see the symbols on the board.

The music is cheerful but does feel a little repetitive after a while.

What are the symbols used in Fruit Shop Megaways? Fruit Shop Megaways offers two symbol categories: low-win and medium-win.

The low-win symbols are:

  • 10– The symbol with the lowest value is ‘10’. It generates 0.4x of your initial wager if you land six of these on adjacent reels.
  • J – This symbol offers a maximum reward of 0.5x.
  • Q – The Queen can bring you up to 0.7x of your initial wager.
  • K – The King returns your initial bet if you land six of these symbols on adjacent reels.
  • A – This is the highest-value card symbol. It’s also the only low-win option that gives you a profit on its own. If you land six Aces on adjacent reels, you win 1.25x of your initial bet.

Fruit Shop Megaways Low Win | IndiaSlots

The medium-win symbols are fruits, much like the previous game in the Fruit Shop franchise.

Here are the medium-win symbols in Fruit Shop Megaways:

  • Watermelon– Depending on how many watermelons you land, it’s possible to win up to 1.5x of the initial bet.
  • Oranges – These can bring you 1.75x your bet if you land six on adjacent reels.
  • Lemon – The sour fruit is quite sweet in this game as its maximum potential is 2.25x of the initial wager.
  • Plums – If you land three plums on adjacent reels, you get back the original bet. If you land six, you win 4x your wager.
  • Cherries – Cherries are the most generous symbol in Fruit Shop Megaways. This symbol gives you your stake back even if you land two on adjacent reels. Six cherries in this order generate a 12.5x win.

Fruit Shop Megaways Super Mega Win | IndiaSlots

There’s a Wild symbol featuring the game’s logo. You can land it on the middle reels, and it substitutes all other symbols to help increase your winnings.

Fruit Shop Megaways bonus features


It’s hard to imagine a 3D slot game without a bonus round, so it’s not strange that Fruit Shop Megaways also has one. The bonus round features free spins and multipliers, and can be activated by landing a Megaways winning combination with the medium-win symbols.

Fruit Shop Megaways Free Spins | IndiaSlots

Here is a quick guide on how to activate free spins:

  • Land two cherries on adjacent reels to activate a single free spin.
  • Get three identical fruit symbols on adjacent reels for two free spins.
  • Four identical fruits in the required pattern grant three extra spins.
  • Five fruits in the required combination will land four free spins.
  • Six fruits on adjacent reels gift players with five free spins.

NetEnt designed Fruit Shop Megaways so that players can extend the bonus round endlessly. If players land medium-win symbols using a free spin, they get an additional bonus.

Fruit Shop Megaways Multiplier | IndiaSlots

Here is another kicker: you can also use the multiplier to boost your winnings during the bonus round. The multiplier begins at 1x but increases by one with every winning spin. The maximum multiplier value is 10x, which can trigger some generous rewards.

Fruit Shop Megaways – how to play


The crucial thing to understand is how Megaways works. In every Megaways game, the system considers the placement of symbols from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel. Your goal is to land identical symbols on adjacent reels to win. The number of adjacent reels required depends on the symbol and that specific game’s rules.

As for Fruit Shop Megaways, players will notice a welcome screen showing the major game features as soon as they load the game. This screen can be deactivated to get to the main screen faster the next time you play.

The main screen is no different from other slot games. Players will find that the buttons for controlling the game are at the bottom of the screen.

Once you open the game’s settings in the lower-left section, you can:

  • Choose to show your bet in cash or coins.
  • Set whether you want to use a quick spin to play at a faster rate.
  • Choose to use the spacebar to spin the reels, which also speeds up the game.

Once players return to the main screen, they can access the information section to learn more about the payouts and how everything works. The current bet value and the options to adjust it are the next in line. The minimum wager is 0.2 per round, while the maximum wager is 100 per spin. You can check your current balance and the last win in the lower-right section.

The reels take up the central part of the screen, and the middle button starts the next round. Players can also activate auto-play and quick-spin features here.

 Fruit Shop Megaways mobile app


More players are enjoying slot games on their mobile phones and other portable devices every day. NetEnt is a company that’s famous for setting new trends. All of its games are mobile-friendly, and you can enjoy them on any device.

Fruit Shop Megaways Mobile | IndiaSlots

You can use a web browser on your mobile device to navigate to this page. The game will load quickly, and you can play it for free right here.

For those who want to play Fruit Shop Megaways for real money, there are a number of casinos that offer the slot, most of which are mobile-friendly. Some casinos have also created an app to improve the mobile playing experience.

Fruit Shop Megaways's Features

One of the first NetEnt games to utilise the ever popular Megaways function, Fruit Shop Megaways adds an exciting twist to the original game which has won over many fans. Want to see why? Play the demo game right here at IndiaSlots and then read our full review!

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