What Are India’s Casino Boats?

While cruises are tempting, gaming fans can also have an entertaining experience on boats that aren’t moving. These gambling properties are an excellent opportunity to spend memorable evenings on a boat and have the time of your life. If that sounds interesting, keep reading to learn more about India’s casino boats!

What do India casino boats offer?

A casino boat is a ship where you can enjoy gambling and have an all-around memorable experience. These boats don’t move anywhere. For example, you’ll find Deltin Jaqk casino on the river Mandovi in Goa. It’s on the water, meaning you can’t access it from the land. The only way to reach it is by using the feeder boat service. It’s necessary to book a package in advance. Once you do, the feeder boat will wait for you at the agreed time. 

After getting to the casino boat, you can enjoy various activities. These include:

  • Gaming. The gambling floor on casino boats is large. It often has dozens of tables where you can play many games. These include Andar Bahar and other genres popular in India, but also worldwide favorites like baccarat, blackjack, roulette, etc.
  • Restaurants and bars. Top-class dining facilities are a regular addition to casino boats, with plenty of cuisines on offer. Many ships offer unlimited dinner as a part of the package you pay for entrance. Apart from restaurants, there are bars where you can enjoy cocktails and a fantastic ambience.
  • Entertainment. Many reputable acts are regular guest stars on casino boats. Apart from Bollywood songs, you can enjoy magicians, dance acts and other artists.

Casino boats have been in India for around two decades. Deltin Jaqk casino launched in 2008, and it quickly became a player favorite. These gambling properties are legal, and their on-water location ensures they don’t mix directly with the community.

Reasons why players love them include:

  • You can dedicate time to fun and gaming. Once you’re on the boat, you have nowhere to go. That allows focusing on entertainment options and playing your favorite casino games. You know that the time spent there was planned for fun, so it’s the perfect way to relax.
  • A wide selection of games. If you love card games, you can try Andar Bahar or go with classics like baccarat and blackjack. Roulette is an excellent alternative if you like to watch the ball spin.
  • There’s a VIP area for high rollers. If you need privacy and prefer maximum luxury, there’s an isolated gaming area to secure high-roller needs.
  • The entire family can have fun on the boat. Kids and teens over 12 years can enter the casino boat but not the gaming floor. However, they can still enjoy beverages, food and live entertainment.
  • Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. You can drink in sky bars and enjoy the view of the city. It’ll give you the feeling that you’re on a cruise.

The easiest way to book a ticket for a casino boat is online. You only need to find the desired ship’s website and purchase a package that suits your preferences!

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